Trumpeter Swans at Bluffer’s Park Toronto Dec. 27, 2013 eating wild bird seed…


If you live in Toronto, please bring wild bird seed to Bluffer’s Park anytime between November & April, because it is so cold & the trumpeter swans & other waterbirds need extra food!(this is Jan 2, 2014, temperature was minus 16 degrees celsius)(they got 8 x 15 kilograms red ribbon wild bird seed)…


About Minus 16 degrees Celsius…


About Minus 20 degrees Celsius…This is the same location, the Tuesday after the Thursday when the first film was taken…This is what the Bay & Lake Ontario look like…This is where the waterbirds, the mink, the squirrel, live between November & April…A little cruel huh?


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Swan feeders installed at Lake Eola park

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