#Filterra app adjustment curves
broken finger st right joint right hand 4th finger(kickboxing accident Richard Francis Wong, Lisa Wong’s husband CIBC bank)

Ie:For example…If you have Carbon C-5 in a quantity of 4 then you have -20 or Minus 20 of C4…Then if you want to neutralize that C4(Minus20 -20), then you could add Nitrogen+8 but in a quantity of say 3 or maybe 3.14 or maybe ******Pi (or Pi)…3 times +8 equals =+24…So if someone was wearing a C4 or C Carbon -5 x =-20 then you need Nitrogen +8 PLUS eight in the amount of +8 x times 3 or 24 Nitrogens to neutralize that B – o – m- b …And make sure no fire or lit cigarettes or joints or electricals or nothing are nearby!!!

******3.14 Pi is a neat number that describes the Perimeter of a Circle very well…Also it tastes good with a little strawberry rhubarb inside with a little homemade vanilla ice cream & maybe at Gerda F(frei hill is a little hill’s house) up in the country on rural road North by Northwest site near to where the swimming pool indoor is & or was!!!

Amyl Nitrate(Magnesium Mg-10)= Purple Poppers “look” in Nexium(P Phosphorus+4)…

Olanzapine Zyprexa Lead Pb Plomb+12 = Cocaine-9 Cu “tingle” in nose, felt…

Heroin Bo Boron-12 airborne at Brass Rail, smells like rotten eggs(Selenium-6 Se)!

*****(Spherical flat with hole in the middle, size of a Tiny Tom Donut)Neodymium magnet(Hard side to underside of finger, the Heavy Hydrogen side of magnet that pulls downwards),

Duck taped(Pink) to underside of broken 4th finger right hand!!

Softened joint to reset bone properly!!!

#Filterra app for iPhone, use Adjustment, Curves, to have HOME DIY MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging compact model!!!)

broken finger joint
Numbers are listed on this chart!!!