1)Raw plant based diet…(read this free copy of a book to learn how to do it well)…This means NO sugar, No Dairy, No Meat, No gluten…(so no cottage cheese, no kefir or yogurt, no bread, no chicken, no maple syrup or honey…just no…)(but yes coffee & tea caffeine good, yes xylitol or stevia because potassiums are good, yes you can eat fruit, yes diet things are ok, yes trail mix is fine to snack on, yes avocados & bananas & hearts of palm & corn niblets etc…)(raw is because cooked veggies don’t give enough energy & you will feel tired & give up or be dizzy…RAW gives energy…Cooked veggies are limp & lifeless inside you…)

2)Exercise…Daily…Really…Something like a long slow trail walk for 2 hours straight…every day…daily…really…this is your new job…you are about to become an athlete…really…2 hours…not 30 minutes…not one hour…a very very very long time…you will be exhausted after…like you cannot move…good…it will get easier…

3)Cancer is a parasite…A worm…It has to be removed from your body…ANTIPARASITICS are the first thing you are going to do…Run to the nearest health food store & buy what they sell you…Do it…Then do another one…While you are doing the local stuff, find out which ones are super strong & try to buy them locally…If not order them online…While you are waiting do another antiparasitic…Don’t sit around waiting for orders to arrive…Just DO whatever you can get your hands on NOW…Humaworm.com is great, when you are ready to order one…(Call them & ask for assistance, they have Humana tea too & other neat stuff…They are kind)…At any given time in this journey you should either be doing an anti parasitic, or you should have just finished one & are waiting to gear up again…Really…All those over the counter dewormers are fine too-don’t be snobby about that you have to go only herbal…If you can access Pyrantel Pamoate or Albenza or Valbenzen or Praziquantel or Ivermectin or something, great(the animal stuff is non-prescription & is the same as the human stuff btw)…

4)The Chart below shows 12 body parts…Each part has a MINUS element that cleans the part, & a PLUS element that feeds it…Cancer is a disease of EXCESS…Too much PLUS…So you need to CLEAN your body parts…One by one…You need at least one thing from EACH MINUS element…Of course, the body part where the cancer is will need extra attention…For example, if it is in your Liver, you need to make sure you get lots of Oxygen, the Minus element there…B17 is an Oxygen (fightingtogether.org sells B17 for about $100 a bottle…Worth it…)

One of each MINUS item
One of each MINUS item

5)Ok, so I know that you are feeling a little confused about all those Minus items…So I will give you an example of a full Minus protocol…

Zinc=You megadose Vitamin C powder daily
Manganese:You take Bloodroot capsules
Titanium:You ingest a little CBD oil daily
Potassium:You use Stevia liberally in all your hot drinks
Carbon:You use TONS of oil(oil is Carbon) to make your daily salad dressing on your daily salad
Selenium:You chop up raw garlic cloves real small & swallow a bunch daily with liquid
Oxygen:You eat the seeds of a whole Papaya daily(you can mix them into a papaya seed smoothie)
Iodine:You take at least one 12.5 mg Iodoral pill daily
Copper:You simmer 1/3 cup licorice root in 3 cups spring water for 15 minutes & drink the liquid daily
Magnesium:You take an Epsom Salt bath daily(& soak for a really long time…in nice, steamy hot water…Bonus points for sprinkling in essential oils like Lemon Eucalyptus!)
Boron:Get an all Boron Boron supplement & take that daily

6)The list I gave you in 5)is just an idea…Each Minus element represents a myriad of things in the real world…Use what you like, what you can afford, what is available locally…Food is better than herbs, herbs are better than pills…If you are trying to make choices…There are many posts & books here on my blog at http://www.grovecanada.ca about all the many choices you have…The Facebook group DIY Cancer Repair Manual is another resource…

7)If you POSSIBLY can, educate yourself about black salve…It is VERY useful…Not just to remove tumours & lumps, but the salve kills cancer in a wide radius around it…When you apply the salve topically, any creatures hiding up at the surface of your skin die…The salve also draws anything in a pretty wide perimeter up to it, & kills it…You can do all the internal medicine in the world, & that darn worm will be hiding near to the surface & avoiding the medicines…But the salve will get it…All I can say is CONSIDER it…It is a game changer!

8)God helps…

9)I am going to add a few other examples of MINUS protocols to this list…After I get some sleep…So come back later, & there will be a few more ideas…Or use the SEARCH box on the blog to maybe help you find previous posts about protocols…Good night & God Bless…love sari(sounds like mary)

10)Learn NIDI (non invasive diagnostic imaging)…