Cancer is a parasite?

 I will give a short form summary of my take…

You take a birth control drug, or are exposed to some environmental element…Lead in radiator fluid or formaldehyde in the tiles you lay or in your old water pipes…Your natural farm water is high in Calcium…You use weed killer…The lake you swim in has toxic algae blooms( Phosphorus)…This imbalance may plague you for decades- you are sleepy, overweight, out of shape, low sex drive…Not yourself…Then maybe a new catalyst arrives to throw your hormones off even further…Affair, divorce, remarriage, children, grieving, loss, financial, work related chemicals or pollutants…Something happens to push your body over the edge…You are now a walking hazard…Problems may already be surfacing…At this point you become very attractive to a parasite…Salmonella typhi bacteria love someone with excess Phosphorus- & your hormone induced dairy & cheese cravings arent helping matters…So a parasite hops in…You think you may have bed bugs…But this is worse…Now, many will not start taking antiparasitics at this point..So the parasites start growing…They will be eating what is inside of you…Now a parasite may have entered through your mouth..Maybe gone down the digestive tract…Maybe down your air pipes- you inhaled it while sleeping…Lets say it settled into a chest wall…However it got there…One day, that parasite takes a giant bite out of your inner chest wall…This creates a hole…Your body responds by sending in a rescue patch…This will be a giant flood of all that excess Phosphorus say…To patch that hole…The existing high Calcium( progesterone, maybe from prior birth control drug use or your high calcium water) will grab that Phosphorus surge & make a hard lump…Now what you have is a parasite, living under a giant lump…Unfortunately, this parasite will start to feed on that repair lump…Now you have a palpable lump, & a parasite eating away at it…When they look under ultrasound they will see these living creatures- they give off life signs…The parts of the lump they have already eaten will show up as abnormal cells…Biopsy will attempt to grab at the head parasites, the couple that sit at the head of a tumour, reproducing…Kill the parasites & you are left with a benign lump…Shrinking a tumour does not necessarily kill them all…So the goal should be antiparasitics…As a first line of defense…Identifying your parasites favorite foods & where it is located gives clues on how to starve & kill it…There are ways to tell  which parasite is associated with what species of cancer…For instance Hodgkins Lymphoma we associated to Epstein Barr disease which is associated to Liver flukes…Hydrogen in excess is what they feed on, so B17, the Oxygen family is a great start there. ( Your Oxygen rich papaya seeds work too!)


ps.Marnie Newton on Facebook can tell you which parasite is associated to which Cancer…( Marnie is also in the DIY Cancer repair manual group)…

Mrs. Sari Grove (sounds like Mary) 

About me: I like to run very very slow but far on trails... I invented a way to check for cancer from a selfie... I have been married to the same guy for 25 years now... I run a Facebook group called DIY Cancer Repair Manual... I started an online school called the Nidi Academy... Nidi stands for Non-Invasive Diagnostic Imaging... I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, & was born here... If you need help with the DIY Imaging, you can Messenger me privately with a photo from your Facebook account-it is easier for both of us to chat that way, & not as anonymous as email! Sari sounds like Mary... So, I am, Sari Grove (Mrs.) ps. I am much older than I look(It's a canadian thing-not much sun!)-I am in my 50s... gets you to the Nidi academy online! HTTPS:// gets you to the Free do it yourself imaging online tool- please use a bigger computer for better results if the 3 filter tools are not working for you on your phone! Lp filter Ff filter P filter Upload your close up photo to and pass it through all 3 filters to self-check for free- nobody sees your images but you! This web app was built by Cyint technology on behalf of the Nidi Academy using AWS Amazon web services as a host/hostess! Alternatively use instructions at the nidi academy using Gnu image manipulation program! -Ivan to Gamma using Pixlr for iphone for the old Aurum higher blood pressure anorexia checkup-also check for stroke predisposition this way! Updated Sunday August 14, 2022

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