Black cumin seed- manganese

grapefruit seed-oxygen

pomegranate seed- oxygen

& more…

the taste is a bit acquired, add a spot of milk & some fake sugar…

but once you feel how good you feel you will be addicted!

Note: If you don’t want to cheat by adding milk, then do what I’ve been doing & add it raw to your morning smoothie!!! Tons of energy, caffeine is a Copper that is so anticancer, grapefruit seeds are Oxygens for your liver, pomegranate seeds are Oxygens too, black cumin seed is a Manganese that lowers Iron( also anticancer)…The ganoderma mushrooms are in a tiny enough quantity that they won’t mess with an anticancer program & will give you a tiny boost of Nitrogen( Nitrogen boosts stamina & smarts, but is not anticancer actually- I think it is minimal enough here to be safe though)…

Been putting the Rain Fused Coffee into our morning smoothies! (just the raw instant powder!)

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