• “learn Nidi” is a free course at grove.official.academy ,
  • basically purple is Phosphorus (an element that includes things like cheese, estrogens, edamame tofu, soy milk, things like that-yeast too!),
  • other colours that imply a biomarker include darker cherry red for Sugars,
  • primary warm red for Nitrogens (think testosterone and plant based vegetables but also PEDS performance enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids, corn),
  • Blue tends to be Lead family which can include potato, red meat like beef, but also the heavy metal, and even staphylococcal infection.,
  • yellow tends to include Calcium like cow milk, but also progesterones,
  • and even progestins
  • (*progestins contain Ca+5Hg+3Mo+1, possibly also H Hydrogen +6 for liquid not sure & maybe some O Oxygen -7 as part of that water molecule)
  • (Note:Ca is Calcium+5, Hg is Mercury+3,Mo is Molybdenum+1, on the grovebodypartchart),
  • and herbs like Vitex chaste berry.
key to grovebodypartchart
  • pink is an element marker called Aluminum which represents the cholesterol family, proteins like eggs, in particular the egg Yolk
  • (the opposite marker to aluminum is called Titanium and like all opposite colours can appear as a faded version of its mate: in Greek historical medicine/mythology,
  • elements were thought of as male and female occuring in pairs as opposites, so male iron and female iron for example,
  • today I call this pair male Iron and female Manganese to better clarify the nomenclature of the Periodic Table of Elements,
  • and also, greek medicine and or mythology-
  • the lukewarm aspect to my note is because progress tends to make history or herstory AND HERSTORY, obsolete, if you are a revisionist type of a person.
  • In Nature, a male peacock has extravagant plumage while the female is a modest beigey brown like dust-similar to the N.I.D.I. markers in diyimaging,
  • (https://www.diyimaging.com/),
  • the male counterparts are extravagantly colourful, and the female opposites/counterparts are a duller dustier paler version and much harder to see and mark-
  • hence why the grove body and brain part charts are based primarily on a male in nature Mother Earth actually bias that the extravagant colours can be seen better under microscope,
  • for example in Spectral light interference microscope built in the Master’s program in Alabama USA at Aubern University.
  • (they showed using their SLIM device the difference visually between benign and malignant being the malignant tumour showed purple ant shapes whereas the benign tumour showed merely strands of Iron fibres.
  • (to their work I am grateful). 
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other colours in NIDI non-invasive diagnostic imaging (or minimally invasive diagnostic imaging as Humber River Hospital is now calling it)smile

Bagels for example are Nitrogen dominant N+8, Plus elements travel DOWN the chart, so if you eat a Bagel it goes down following the green arrows downward, to be continued …