short answer: (4 revisions) Alzheimers is related to high blood pressure.

photo credit: an ugly charming rotted but newly anointed with sanitizer window view image with other bottles of supposedly medicinal stuff perhaps akin to Banting and Best’s window view, or penicillin Nobel prize winner’s window ledge Fleming Alexander 1928 invention – proposal that clavoxicillin for Alzheimers dementia- selenium and Carbon- the CARBON aspect to the CLAV part is KEY to killing strep. heart-revolution topical from Juno vet works for heart worm which is similar very much.

Thesis: That type 1 diabetes is a detachment of the pancreas, that sugar is a glue based on Dr. Chris Brown’s Neil Diamond Python episode (tv), that a sugar water solution applied to the detached gallbladder caused the gallbladder of the python to reabsorb back into place, that a detached pancreas might reabsorb due to applied sugar water solution to the pancreas head area where detachment occurred possibly due to a blow to the stomach-that Type 2 diabetes is OPPOSITE to type 1 diabetes insofar as it is caused by an excess INTAKE of SUGARs.

That type 3 diabetes aka Alzheimers dementia, would ameliorate with a lowering of blood sugar. CinnaChrome is a recipe product designed for Type 3 diabetes otherwise referred to now as Alzheimers’ dementia.

Sugar is a darker cherry red as seen at in the Lp filter-upload a selfie or any photo or scan and look for the darker cherry red colour, like Maroon 5ish in colour, the McGill University colours(the Harvard of the North’s colours are slightly darker in maroon wish than Harvard’s crimson tide).

Note: wait 5 minutes to get your N.I.D.I. result from DIY Imaging web app tool online free. If you get an error message, give yourself and your computer. day of rest and try again…

If Alzheimers and scurvy and leprosy and scarlet fever and Picks disease and heart worm and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and bicuspid aortic valves and Marfan syndrome and Ehler danlos syndrome and dementia, are all triggered/caused by excess heart AURUM Au cobalamin high blood pressure high GOLD numbers levels high blood pressure also called HYPERtension, THEN lowering blood pressure would benefit. REVOLUTION is a dog and or CAT drug topically applied to the back of the head/neck area of the cat, where the PONS is in the brain, to lower blood pressure so much so with K Special K potassium K, that it KILLS heart worms which are goody to the max! The end. by Sari Grove .

ps. clavoxicillin is Selenium and Carbon. for streptococcal infection of the throat.

pps. neuropathy being an EXCESS of Special K POTASSIUM (Ace inhibitors for example are special k which lower blood pressure but also can kill you or just cause leg paralysis and collapse and fainting and foot neuropathy, STEVIA is also a Special K potassium, which INXS (in excess) can cause neuropathy. Heartworm eating your Gold, Au Aurum cobalamin B12 can also cause this same neuropathic weakness or myopathy.