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Tag: Diagnostic Imaging

What are you doing that is sabotaging your DIY anticancer treatment?

I have written about many of these items on my blog already, but I keep…

Triumph of the Wall

TRIUMPH OF THE WALL from Bunbury Films on Vimeo.

The top of the body in NIDI, as it relates to the bottom of the body in NIDI, in colours, in fotoflexer, lunapic & pixlr!!!

[caption id="attachment_4061" align="alignnone" width="3024"] Work completed after stay at "Toronto Hilton"...[/caption] So Blue in Fotoflexer…

Splenda & other artificial sweeteners…(yes, they ARE anticancer actually)!

Splenda, & most artificial sweeteners are made with 4 Potassium molecules & one sugar molecule...They…