Here is a comment I was trying to leave(on Instagram),  about The Infinity Call’s awesome free Sundays at 11:11 am Eastern time, but I could not figure out the send button or something, and I feel the need to send my compliments out, seeing as tomorrow is Happy Easter bunny chocolate egg Sunday!

“Hi! I just wanted to leave a comment about my 3 month experience with the free Sunday 11:11am Infinity Call found via Instagram through to Telegram as the nice more private actual delivery sanctuary…The work is real and like starting to run, your soul may feel achy and creaky when you begin…New spiritual muscles are being stretched, and you will feel after a bit tired but in that good way- that you accomplished something…Even at once a week, you may need rest breaks…For me, I stopped for a while, to feel like how my week would feel without that hour run inside my head/body/spirit…I have developed more patience it seems- for me, the “sitting” for any period of time, is difficult- boring- I have an aversion to staying put and not multi-tasking it seems- perhaps nurtured in by decades of sitting in scholastic environments trapped in the prism of having to sit and listen????❤️…This was supposed to be a positive review and now I have gone the wrong way with it ????, oops! What I mean to say is this is good for me like health food but you do have to acclimate and give yourself time and space and do not feel guilty if you need to take rest breaks!!! There is a freebie offered to take a whole month I think of the paid Infinity Call- but as a beginner sitter at this, the thought of sitting daily overwhelms me!!! So I have not committed yet…Well ok, I actually did sign up for the whole shebang, then my credit card glitched for some reason(it was fully paid up)- and I decided maybe the Universe was letting me off the hook- ????and maybe I was not ready! I am a terrible person at committing to things- possibly the more commitment is asked of me, the less likely I am to do it…Whenever I commit to a gym is when I stop wanting to go…So I run outside, or walk, because Nature does not make me sign up! Again I am screwing this comment up????…Let me try again- Kelly Morris is awesome and I have known her since 1984, when we were assigned a shared room at Sarah Lawrence College…I fully recommend her as a decent ethical human who is exceptional at being a human! This is at the root of the Infinity Call- is the person a good human? Guided meditation or anything else, is nothing if it comes from the wrong human…Beware! None of this makes sense without a thorough vetting of the human(s) behind the process(es)…ps. If you have used the free Sundays then you are supposed to give the gift back( freely) of a comment here- which is why I am doing this today!!! So sorry I thought maybe being quiet was what the sitters were supposed to be! Hence my reluctance to be my normal chatty! ps. Am I allowed to say Happy Easter for tomorrow? Oh shoot today is Saturday lol! I have not missed it yet! Oops! This is a totally stupid comment- I thought it was Sunday already and I missed this week’s call again! ummm…Oh well- I think my thoughts are still pretty ok- cause I wanted to give more of a longer term review for people like me who are difficult to herd…????”

You can find the link to the free Sunday thing at 11:11 am Eastern time, by hunting for Kelly.Morris.The.Infinity.Call on Instagram!

Download the free Telegram on your phone to get access live!!!

It is better than chocolate!!!

Begin the Easter egg hunt!

ps. metaphorically to get access to the free hour long guided meditation which costs real money the rest of the week!!!!

Update: Happy Easter! Here is the link