You may have noticed, I scrubbed this whole blog, & am starting again fresh! Over half a million views, & I decided that it was time to move forward-what if there was older information here that was wrong, or obsolete, and someone was following advice that was no longer as good as the new information?
Someone once wrote, that a great book is 800 pages, edited down to 200 pages- something like that…
I guess I am in an editing phase of my life…

So updates: still has the Learn Nidi course for free…

Nidi stands for non-invasive diagnostic imaging by the way…The online school is called The Nidi Academy (calling it the N.I.D.I. Academy is too much typing I think maybe so), and the Learn Nidi course is pretty extensive-of the 7 thousand-ish members of the DIY Cancer Repair Manual group on Facebook, about 5% have taken the leap to learn nidi more formally in the nidi academy (350-ish)…Of the 350-ish students in The Nidi Academy, perhaps another 5% are able to do all 12 nidi biomarkers that can currently be seen- so let’s say 17-ish students got serious about learning & had the time and energy to do that! Of those 17-ish diligents, 2 got the dubious honour lol of being certified as Nidi technicians/teachers/trainers- or CNT*** ! (Usually you start by just learning the technical aspect of doing all 12 biomarkers, then you start to teach others how to do it, finally you are able to train people like a coach-helping them with choices beyond the technical results nidi offers)

So…The past 3 years, 2020, 2021, and now 2022, have been weird…As we all know…& our attention spans distracted…So I am putting short free courses here on this blog, to bypass a bit of the elitism of the more traditional school setting, which I seem to have recreated in the nidi academy inadvertently…This blog gets huge traffic, and I feel that nidi can reach more people, more effectively, if I don’t mimic the university situations I know-lol-this means I will have to unlearn much of the elitism I have been taught!

There is a comic, Nathan Bargatze, who I have watched (accidentally) using that “Watch” button at the bottom of my Facebook page, when I get bored, but don’t want to actually work on anything…He often speaks to how his wife thinks he is stupid, or even that he himself has no knowledge on any particular subject, and he is very honest, and very funny…& he reaches out, and interacts, and is brave, and not elitist, and that works well- because the audience is not intimidated or jealous…

I have started back into running my 10 km walks, because I miss the high feeling I get afterwards, the sense of accomplishment & the bragging rights probably too! What I notice is the more I run per week, the stupider I get intellectually…But in many ways, the happier I feel…Is intellect directly opposed to happiness??? Probably a recurring question for the ages…Suffice it to say, if I am posting here, you can probably assume I am slacking off on exercise…& if my mood is a negative bias when I post, perhaps that is the reason why-

I republished the Grove Health Science books on Amazon, removing much of the public detail pages, mostly because my younger self was making all sorts of claims that my older self would not venture to offer- not that I was wrong, merely a bit overconfident back then…Hindsight is more humble! I also dropped prices as far as the KDP system would let me (kindle direct publishing)- because I realize the books, like this blog, may have older information that is no longer applicable- and I still have not felt like updating them again(some books went through a hundred revisions the first I time around since I was pretty new to writing books)!

Breakfast: I’m going to go make something to eat or drink or something, take a break…Going to come back and add to this post later…It was supposed to be about cool Black Friday stuff I got on sale, but morphed into something boring, sigh…sorry…be back soon! Here’s a photo to look at- go have some breakfast yourself too!

Me, lying in bed still, typing on my iPad right now, wearing these super cool Avantree audio glasses that connect to my iPad using Bluetooth wirelessly! (Old Navy fleece top got on sale, thank you Americans for inventing this Black Friday thing for your Thanksgiving season- I am thankful!

Niksen: The Dutch Art of Doing Nothing, by Olga Mecking, book recommendation for Nidi book club! (ps. you do not have to read it!) lol!

Also-removed the 21 minute Nate Bargatze highlight YouTube reel due to the fact that somehow it was messing with the free lesson app here on , sorry, find him on YouTube if you like to laugh!

If you like to SLEEP Sleepwave has a terrific voice Jessica Porter, find her on Instagram using the @ symbol before her name…(also a high school friend who now lives with the enemy, ahem, I mean in the USA, just kidding! we LOVE your Black Friday Sales-and CYBERmonday is even more awesome for us SLOWpoke Canucks!

View my collection, “Favorites” from NCBI(the article I referenced for my updated ideas on retinitis pigmentosa-which can be found in an original post typed and thought up by me on my Facebook personal feed))which I may post on The Nidi Academy page instead of here!

Nidi Yoga has a $7.99/month, I think US currency listed which I still have not been able to change to make it cheaper, or even free…Please do not think that I am trying to price gouge-I just cannot easily get into that site Vimeo OTT, cannot even easily remember the huge address they assigned our Nidi Academy space, something vhx tv Nidi Academy OTT Vimeo, & our personal trainer lady just recently resurfaced who was who I needed to get all the stuff like that that she is good at, done…So, not my fault!

‘Needle Drop Audio’ is a newer company online who can get you digital audio files for better prices, or even get you something similar to what you cannot afford but way cheaper, something like that-they are trustworthy & well brought up & I can vouch for them, so if you are not happy, blame me! I normally use ANIMOTO for my original music needs, when making anything from a personal family slideshow with sound, or a more professional type presentation that needs cool original excerpt of songs to make it snappier!

I have something else I need to mention on purpose, but have to look up their name again, it is so new to me…It is a $10 deal (us currency if I recall), lowered from a $49 retail price, on a nutritional report based on a short quiz, and then the artificial intelligence (read, they stuck together all information in nice file folders, but digitally, and when you fill out the short quiz, the librarian has tailored her recommendations for book titles sort of, but actually biohacking ideas, to solve whatever woes you typed in to the quiz-it is oncology centre, so you are S.O.L. if you do not have it lol! OMICFOOD that is what it is called OMICFOOD (think OH Mick Food)(then take away the H & the K)