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(what you get is an email with the newest Blog Post in it & the one before it & just links to the previous few(the last 5)!

(It will say Artists Innovating in the Medical Arts & there will be a picture with the words Bridging the Gap between Art & medicine…)


Here is an example of our very first “Newsletter” (it’s really just our blog posts, but organized in a nicer way maybe, collated with more posts to choose from, & bundled neatly to arrive in your email box instead of you having to come to my site( to see what is happening…The new blog post will get sent at 4:00 am the morning after it appears on the blog…

I don’t touch this list myself at all…It is all set up to be automatic so I won’t be looking at your email address or name or particulars, or doing anything with them…I mean, they will exist in my MailChimp database, but I’m not going to use them…

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