A member of my DIY Cancer Repair Manual Group diligently did all the NIDI edits to check her markers…(Nidi stands for non invasive diagnostic imaging)…

I told her, she needed the corresponding MINUS element family for each marker she found…

The MINUS elements are the detox elements…

So, we came up with this list…

i have molybdenum need to take 75mg boron daily
i have bismuth need to take 1,000 mg moringa(fluorine) 5 times a day
i have mercury need to take recommended dosage magnesium
i have phosphorus need to take Licorice root(Copper) 5000mg daily
i have calcium need to take Iodoral pills 12.5 mg or 50 mg daily
i have hydrogen need to take gumby gumby(Oxygen) 330mg x 3 daily
i have sugar need to take recommended dosage L-lysine(selenium)
i have nitrogen need to take slippery elm(carbon) about 1600 mg daily
i have aurum need to take Graviola(potassium) 1000 mg daily
i have aluminium need to take 800 mg white willowbark extract(titanium)
i have iron need to take black walnut hull(manganese) about 500 mg daily
i have lead need to take Vitamin C(zinc) 2000 mg a day

*IO Fenbender 100 is a lot cheaper than panacur by over half. same ingredients different brand.(Panacur is a canine dewormer now being used at one gram per day for three days of each week, by people treating cancer…The brand mentioned apparently is much cheaper…Note: (the lady is in Australia…)

Price: Two Feathers healing formula is what I usually recommend internally for cancer as it is comprehensive & you avoid the complexity of individually supplementing…But it costs around $140 a jar & often you need 3 jars for a six week protocol…So this list as our workaround…To be honest, I am not sure that this is actually cheaper-we will have to check…The lady from Australia added links to products on iHerb (she says it is half the price of in store), & we will see if we are saving?

i have molybdenum need to take 75mg boron daily

i have bismuth need to take 1,000 mg moringa ( fluorine family)5 times a day or 5000mg daily

i have mercury need to take recommended dosage magnesium

i have calcium need to take Iodoral ( iodine family)pills 12.5 mg or 50 mg daily

i have phosphorus need to take 500 mg rhodiola rosea ( Copper family)daily

i have hydrogen need to take gumby gumby( Oxygen family) 330mg x 3 daily

i have sugar need to take recommended dosage L-lysine( selenium family)

i have nitrogen need to take slippery elm ( Carbon family)about 1600 mg daily

i have aurum need to take Graviola ( potassium)1000 mg daily

i have alumunium need to take 800 mg white willowbark extract( Titanium)

i have iron need to take black walnut hull ( manganese)about 500 mg daily

i have lead need to take Vitamin C( zinc family) 2000 mg a day

Note: for Boron you can make Boron water out of 20 Mule team borax: one teaspoon Borax to one litre of water, one teaspoon of that mixture is 3 mg Boron…Take at least ten teaspoons per day, twenty five is better for anti cancer…(75 mg)

Herbies Herbs lets people make their own formulas…The following are formulas I designed on their site…Anticancer potion with all 12 Minus elements in herbal form, in a tincture…Then an extra strong version with double the twelve Minus elements on the Grove Body Part Chart…

You can copy this formula and make a tincture yourself, or have a local herbalist make it for you…




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