Zinc Chloride is a 3 part mix of zinc, fluorine, & calcium, that makes -7 Oxygen O…



3)*rose geranium


5)apple cider vinegar



8)anti-tick remedy



New Zinc Chloride= Zinc-1 + Fluorine-11 + Calcium+5 > -12 + +5 = correction; =-7 Oxygen…

wrong line:+7? Sugar (:))formerly known as Sulphur Su…<

Auf Deutsch…

14)Nitric Oxide= Nitrogen+8 Oxygen -7 = x= times… Nitrous(less like ).5) Oxide(more of like 6 times) correction. gas. creve . pneu. e. dauphin.

Monday Septe. 5. 2016 = 14… dry ice…lower freezing point…Man Ray! manta ray | rodney king cicada

dizzy lightheaded sweaty not able to think straight cool shower cool towels

+8N Nitrogen x .5 , -7 x 6 = -42 Oxide , +4 N (+8×0.5) …-38 O Oxygen to Dauphin (was drowning!)

chemo beads. horse


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