We are calibrating DIYimaging.com now!

Original photo of a left breast with lump under the skin taken with an iphone 6s
original edited in FF filter on diyimaging.com site
original edited manually on lunapic.com site
explanation of colours on lunapic.com site ( purple is a cancer marker, lime is a lyme disease marker)
Step by step for manual edit on lunapic.com site
step by step for manual edit on fotoflexer.com site
explanation of colours on fotoflexer.com site (These are elements from periodic table that represent families of things in the real world, Lead can be red meat as well for example)
Pixlr for mobile app showing molybdenum in blue ( iphone app)
Only two steps to see molybdenum in Pixlr app for mobile ( Not the desktop version!!!)
Filterra app for Mobile sees Bismuth( soot pollution wood fire smoke)the black colour

The following steps are how to see Bismuth using the Filterra app for Mobile( I used iphone 6s)…


The Curves steps involve pulling the thin white line with your finger down at one side( right), then gently pull the same line up at the left side…( it forms a parabola type shape)…

You repeat this same shape with your finger for each of the settings choices…

The cool thing about this process is you can get an X ray type look under the skin- you can see bones, tendons, all sorts of things- especially if you fiddle around with it a bit…

More complicated than other edits, but you can check for a broken bone if you have to!

Also shows how much pollution is in your body( Bismuth!)

this is the automatic Lp filter on the new diyimaging.com site…The lump in the breast is in a dark red colour…( lumps & cysts will show as that dark red colour)
FF is the filter on the new automatic site diyimaging.com ( we are trying to calibrate the colours to match the manual edit now)…You can try to translate the colours from the manual edit to the automatic edit if you are a keener!
this is the P filter on the new automatic site diyimaging.com ( it is close to the pixlr.com/editor manual edit but slightly more intense) Feel free to try both manual & automatic to help us see the differences…


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