The gentle Black Salve that doesn’t hurt! (Two Feathers)

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Comments:So, about the Two Feathers salve…It seems to work tremendously well when you eat it, which you are supposed to do for 7 days before salving with it…Internally it is quite complex(18 ingredients, though I don’t know exactly what they are), & is a combination of gentle but powerful…Topically though it does not have any Zinc Chloride in it…So it is entirely pain free…However…I just don’t know how it can cause a tumour to eject through the skin without the zinc chloride…I think it works more by dissolving tumours internally…The salve pulls lumps, including a benign lump, up to the surface,& away from the body-but…I think the Zenith herbals salve is a better salve for external use…The owner of two feathers Robert Roy has as he says helped over 80,000 people over the years-he sits by the phone answering personally 12 hours a day…So he would be the one to talk to directly…I just don’t know enough about it, & besides the book “Ha I laugh in the face of cancer” by Susan Liberty Hall, I don’t have enough person to person info directly to share experiences…I am guessing because of the cost…Yesterday, I put a giant blob of the two feathers black salve into a morning smoothie for my husband & I (without telling him)…It tastes very very good hidden in one of Dan Webb’s raw egg smoothies(raw egg, banana, orange juice, ice), & he didn’t suspect anything…I am thrilled about this because I have been worried about his health but it is very hard to get someone else on a health bandwagon…

I think it has applications for people who are scared of Zinc Chloride…Internally very powerful…Enemas & douches too…Topically no pain…(but does it work? topically? not sure exactly myself…But it is a very good start…Plus taking the 18 ingredients internally is sort of a comprehensive all in one anticancer treatment…so maybe that makes it worth the price…if it is the ONLY thing you can afford…)

“probably the best use of this Two Feathers salve! It tastes good so it can be hidden in a smoothie…How many of us have people we want to medicate & they not only don’t cooperate but eat ice cream rebelliously when we try? (this could be snuck into hospices in a smoothie & nobody need know better…)”


***Someone named J. Carpenter wrote a brilliant review of a book(Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, by Dr. Joe Dispenza), which included the following excerpt:" the Wright Brothers were bicycle repairmen who were also printers and that they never took a single university-level (or any formal) course on aerodynamics; Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian actress, who with George Anthiel, a composer, developed a "Secret Communications System" to help combat the Nazis in World War II. Michael Faraday, a man who with no formal education worked in a bookshop and yet revolutionized our understanding of electricity; William Herschel was a German musician who discovered Uranus and several moons with a home-made telescope ridiculed by scientists; Donald G. Harden was a high-school teacher, not a cryptologist or criminologist, who cracked the code of the Zodiac Killer--an unknown murderer who terrorized the San Francisco area in the 70's, attacking couples in secluded areas, and George Mendel was an uneducated monk who discovered how genetics work." I add this excerpt, to remind people that yes indeed, artists can innovate in medicine...& so on... Joseph & Sari Grove are a married Canadian couple who also happen to work together...They are both artists who have focussed their attention on innovating in Medicine...Their 9 book series is called Grove Health Science, & it is based on an idea called The Grove Body Part Chart...The Chart simplifies the body into 12 body parts, & identifies the 2 elements in each part that live together, detoxifying or repairing...This groundbreaking theory serves as the basis for unravelling the tangled web that medicine & pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals have become, into a single comprehensible thread...The books build one upon the other, leading up to the 9th book, DIY Cancer Repair Manual, which serves DIYselfers & practitioners alike...Highlights include DIY diagnostic imaging at home to look for malignancies, tumour size & biochemistry-all just with a camera & a computer & an internet March 23rd, 2017:There are now 11 (ELEVEN) books! p.p.s.We request equal rep by pop by gender (1:1 ratio female:male)in all sports stadiums in Canada, as apology for the pole comment made to Dianne Watts MP!

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