There is someone who has had success closing an ulcerating breast tumour…

I have taken the liberty of sharing this precious information, if there are any who are having the same sort of trouble…(hence the post title “Stolen secrets”)(I admit it, I am a thief!)

I will add the person’s name, if I get permission to post…

But thank you to that person…Very much…& God Bless…

Here is what she has been doing:

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide…3% Topical applications

Occasional Baking soda mixed with apple cider vinegar…(topical also)

Young Living Sacred Frankincense oil

mixed with

Young Living Thieves Oil

mixed with

Fractionated Coconut Oil

one drop of each Essential oil with about a tablespoon of the diluting oil put right on the ulceration & also the closed parts of the tumour…Residual goes on feet(soles)-once per day or more often…

The (prescription) homeopathic combination remedies are from Guna: ‪‬

A few drops each day of each of these: Micox, Anti il 1, Lympho, Cell…
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Please join the facebook group called Naturally Shrinking It, to see the original post…(you have to join to see the link below to the post)…(use the search word “ulcerated” to find the post if you cannot)…


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3 thoughts on “Thank you…Stolen secrets of how someone closed an ulcerating breast wound…

  1. Michele Johnson

    Hi Sari, I succeeded in closing my ulcerating tumor by applying outer leaves of cabbage, usually 2, to the breast, covering with plastic, and wearing comfortable bra to hold it in place. I roll it with a glass first to release some of the juices. When i just have smaller inner leaves, i try to cut out as many flatter pieces as possible and layer those. Leaves with ridges will rub the ulcer and make it sore. I wear this all night and often during the day. It drew out some bad smellibg fluid in the beginning but it is my understanding that some medicinal lroperties of the cabbage are absorbed into the skin. I continue to ear the leaves as often as I can to shrink the tumor. I believe it has done that. I wore the leaves under my armpit at night because i bave a swollen lymph node there. Hard to keep those in place. A few days ago, I came across a poultice using cabbage and bentonite clay. I believe my tumor has gotten smaller because of the cabbage. My nipple is slowly working its way back out. I get that tingling feeling inside the tumor, from time to time, like you described after taking licorice root. Even, though the ulceration is long closed, the area over the tumor will get a bit rashy and mildly inflamed when I wear the leaves. I consider this a healing reaction.

  2. Michele Johnson

    I am very interested in transdermal medicine. Very old, effective, but now neglected area of medicine. Definitely involves time and mess. And study. I have burned my breast a decent number of times and there are compresses contraindicated for cancerous tumors, like ginger (did that, then finished reading up on it) and tarot root. These 2 roots are said to contribute to metastasis if applied over a cancerous tumor for any length of time. They may be okay for very short application, to “heat up” an area or open up pores to better absorb the real treatment. But, I am not so sure about this last sentence. Excercise caution. I will send a few links about this area of medicine when I can.

  3. Sari

    Thank you Michele! Am forwarding your notes to someone ( or two), who need it…Thank you so much…

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