Sari…You have moved Ginkgo Biloba from Copper, to Selenium, now to Aluminum family…?

Ugh…Gingko Biloba has eluded me for years…Couldn’t pin it down…I THOUGHT it was a Copper…I was wrong…Finally, recently, I pinned down that they use it for Tinnitus…Ringing in the ears…Ringing in the ears is caused by excess Titanium(like acetaminophen)…I know that Titaniums are fixed by Aluminums…So, finally, have put Ginkgo Biloba into the Aluminum family…It was a mistake…My problem was that I couldn’t fathom that it was a Plus element…Because so often it is called a detox item…



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2 thoughts on “Sari…You have moved Ginkgo Biloba from Copper, to Selenium, now to Aluminum family…?

  1. Michele Johnson

    Skimmed Humaworm site for the herbal ingredients and what each supposed to do. It sounded like there are herbs that are multifunctional but site said we are going to focus on the antiparasitic features. So, maybe some herbs can both detox and repair?

    1. Sari

      The Aluminum family includes Aloe Vera, bentonite clay & Zeolites…Many people call these detox elements…I tend to call them repair…

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