Pulling Hair…Folding Molybdenum…

Caption: Voice file Sari grove talking into a El Capitan iMac desktop computer which is bigger than the 17 inch one…(27 ” maybe?) Using SpeakPipe.com audio voicemail service record to email mp3 usually or mp4 maybe…About the picture with the head in it (title:Blowdryer)

SURGICAL intervention/surgery: Neurosurgery-+ …reference:salon Delineation (Indian scalp massage pulls hair at brain stem)-Parietal lobe(lungs & lymph nodes, muscles) & Motor cortex(blood stream, thymus)…WARNING dangerous: if you selectively pull at strands of hair you can pull the worm out of the head, which is called a brain tumour(encysted cyst is a curled up worm though sometimes they come to the surface dead on their own, if you have done your homework/crack cocaine is a copper.ie: dangerous again…)

Easier safer method is BLOWDRYER hair=radiotherapy or tanning salon…

Why does molybdenum always show up when Lead is present? (Molly denim it is pronounced)(aka Moli-bden-um in ChineseMedicine Gender Yin)


***Someone named J. Carpenter wrote a brilliant review of a book(Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, by Dr. Joe Dispenza), which included the following excerpt:" the Wright Brothers were bicycle repairmen who were also printers and that they never took a single university-level (or any formal) course on aerodynamics; Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian actress, who with George Anthiel, a composer, developed a "Secret Communications System" to help combat the Nazis in World War II. Michael Faraday, a man who with no formal education worked in a bookshop and yet revolutionized our understanding of electricity; William Herschel was a German musician who discovered Uranus and several moons with a home-made telescope ridiculed by scientists; Donald G. Harden was a high-school teacher, not a cryptologist or criminologist, who cracked the code of the Zodiac Killer--an unknown murderer who terrorized the San Francisco area in the 70's, attacking couples in secluded areas, and George Mendel was an uneducated monk who discovered how genetics work." I add this excerpt, to remind people that yes indeed, artists can innovate in medicine...& so on... Joseph & Sari Grove are a married Canadian couple who also happen to work together...They are both artists who have focussed their attention on innovating in Medicine...Their 9 book series is called Grove Health Science, & it is based on an idea called The Grove Body Part Chart...The Chart simplifies the body into 12 body parts, & identifies the 2 elements in each part that live together, detoxifying or repairing...This groundbreaking theory serves as the basis for unravelling the tangled web that medicine & pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals have become, into a single comprehensible thread...The books build one upon the other, leading up to the 9th book, DIY Cancer Repair Manual, which serves DIYselfers & practitioners alike...Highlights include DIY diagnostic imaging at home to look for malignancies, tumour size & biochemistry-all just with a camera & a computer & an internet connection...ps.Thursday March 23rd, 2017:There are now 11 (ELEVEN) books! p.p.s.We request equal rep by pop by gender (1:1 ratio female:male)in all sports stadiums in Canada, as apology for the pole comment made to Dianne Watts MP!

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