No dairy, no colostrum, no milk, no yogurt( if you have cancer)…No GcMaf!

Many Swiss patients died after GcMaf injections( cancer patients)…The autistic children got severely worse…The FDA there shut them down because the facility was unhygienic & they were violating standards for making medicines…They charged $7,000.00 to someone here in Canada, who got it from Japan- she had an immediate histamine reaction to it & resold it to someone else…I realize their gobbledygook sounds very intelligent, but please, people have had their tumours double in size from this stuff…Yogurt, cow breast milk, really? You all should know better…This is what cancer feeds on…Considering how many sick people were swindled out of their savings it is no wonder things have happened to those who made it , sold it, or recommended it…Dairy!!!! You have got to be kidding me!

Note:Any other supplements like 4LifeTransfer Factor which contains colostrum as well as eggs, are also a big NO!

p.s.& if you are eating cottage cheese or any other dairy, including as part of the Budwig diet…Please stop!!!


Hi...Sari sounds like Mary...I'm a Canadian artist who invented a map for humans called the Grove Body Part Chart...Grove Health Science is the name of the 12 book series...Most can be found free digitally on this blog or at not for profit prices on Amazon or Smashwords...In 2014, I developed DIY Imaging, a way to see cancer, biochemistry, inflammation, with any camera & free online photo editors...Since then I have been teaching the method & doing diagnostic imaging...DIY Cancer Repair Manual is a Facebook group I manage with over a thousand people who are pioneering new ways to solve is being built (2017) to make the diagnostic process even easier...This is revolutionizing diagnostic medicine...I am owned by two intact female bengals cats , B'elanna & Jadzia...My husband of almost 21 years Joseph Grove, does all the laundry, dishes, litter box cleaning & more, to ensure that I am free to plough out the corn , so to speak...

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2 thoughts on “No dairy, no colostrum, no milk, no yogurt( if you have cancer)…No GcMaf!

  1. Michele Johnson

    i am not clear about who is the author of this post. I have never heard of GcMaf. Have to look that up.

    1. Hi Michelle…I’m Sari Grove…You can find me on Facebook too…There were a spate of colostrum based supplements(bovine breast milk)-they don’t work & are very very expensive…

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