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Eating Right for Your Heart

41 Sneaky Ways To Eat More Vegetables (With Recipes!)

The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Home’s Yard into a Community Garden

Exercise and Heart Disease Statistics

The Heart Smart Workout Plan

The 7 Pieces of Home Equipment You Really Need in Your Home Gym

Depression & Heart Disease

The Importance of Fitness for Recovering Addicts Alcohol treatment…


Better Help is an unbelievably helpful social worker site that matches you to an highly experienced social worker who knows exactly how to deal with your specific problem…I was going through marriage trouble & Karen Armstrong was matched to me, & we text messaged back & forth with no delays & tremendous experienced support…This was so helpful to my life…I highly recommend Better Help if you are going through marriage or other troubles…Amazing…It can cost $80 US per week, or $260 US by the month, but it is well worth it & you get very very senior professionals…Much cheaper & easier than going in person!!!

Cannabidiol Life: the ONLY CBD website in the world that:
does NOT sell CBD products
offers unbiased CBD product & supplement guides
comprehensively explains the benefits of CBD per health condition (50+)
listed by the National Hemp Association as their resource offered for “CBD Education & Product Guide”

Rehab 4 Alcoholism offers a free helpline and intervention service for people suffering from alcoholism and mental health problems. Website: FREEDOM TECHNIQUE for people with attachment disorders…(it is tapping on body parts to release emotions physically & mentally)…

People with attachment disorders were often neglected in some way during childhood…This causes them to bond in desperate ways…Correct the attachment disorder, & they can bond normally…These people need security, safety & emotional sensitivity…When those things fall awry, the person can fall back to old desperate patterns…

Lyme disease...Mercury in excess too!
Lyme disease…Mercury in excess too!

Paws r Purrs cattery Love drops female expands brain tissue like aloe)) Aloe with MsM cream to Toronto

Pranin B-

Heavy Metals Defense also with Boron!!! Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Natural news

(Anarres health Tracey Tief Thieves oil Falconer certified aromatherapist)

Diva Cup



From Sari Grove:Dr. Kruse is a Male neurosurgeon…Lead, Aurum, Sugar, are the excess elements most commonly associated with Mercury/Bilirubin left abdominal bullet target shaped bite mark from Tick Deer camping experiences…Lyme disease affects these brain regions…Frontal lobe left side, Medulla Oblongata Top, Occipital Lobe left side, Wernicke’s Area…Treat with Zinc, Potassium, Selenium, Magnesium…
From “Skin Cancer Patient Education Read about Melanoma-LEAD, basal cell-AURUM and squamous-SUGAR cell carcinoma types in our skin cancer patient education guide. LYME DISEASE=MERCURY Hg

Before Visiting Dr. Kruse Learn More ” Vitamin B6-Do NOT take this if you have Cancer… The articles we wrote to save a heritage building from destruction… Dan does great website design or redesign…(things I am thinking of getting done…)

Breast Cancer Decisions

Want a long life for your pets? Do this!

Holistic & Integrative & Standard Pet Vet

Heal breast cancer Naturally

Map your Trail walk

Raw Food Diet Cure

Online Holistic Health

medicine in MEXICO!

Chemo sensitivity testing

Track your Walks

Music for Walking

ArtBizCoach Alyson B. Stanfield

Coach Christine Kane(the business of art,music etc.)

Story Bistro(Philosophy of writing)help for authors & artists & more…“Slow down to speed up”…

Lymph Detox Deodorant…Anarres health…Certified health practitioner Tracey Tief…

Get-It Girl Smoothies, Powders, Vitamin rich, Women designed for women nutrition!

Dr. V. on breast cancer…(significant -in her book Dr. Veronique Desaulniers uses black salve(bloodroot) to remove a breast cancer lump…)Pioneering!

“My Raw Food Diet Cure & Secrets”, by Helen Hecker R.N. (A Nurse cures her breast cancer with Just a raw food diet!) Natural Foods (Also owns herbs & Nutrition at Bloor & Bathurst street in Toronto-just west of bathurst, North side, huge store)…Qi Natural At Eglinton & Allen Road , Qi Natural at Bayview south of Eglinton west side-carries Arnica Montana 1 M for post-biopsy healing, Arsenicum Album 200C for shingles, & several other good things like the breakfast cereals, organic strawberries, & really good people help… On Spadina, near to Dundas…There is now a certified lady doctor there who can work with a regular team of Doctors, doing complementary therapy to deal with conventional therapy…This clinic is Traditional Chinese Medicine but only works as a secondary team not as a primary team…If you are doing conventional treatments & need help coping with that…This is NOT for Primary treatment…But they are very good…(stopped the melatonin after I learned it made lumps bumpy & smoothness was the goal)…

Blackmore’s Online Naturopath(Lesley Bailey was amazing!) nutrition and cancer a review of the evidence for an anti-cancer diet by michael donaldson *source recommended from Blackmores’ Naturopathy in Australia! note:the vegetable diet was better than the fasting diet…! Unda 17 is now available in Canada at Smith’s Pharmacy on Yonge street North of Lawrence (Lawrence subway station then walk a bit…)It addresses parasites & skin disorders…You will need 5 bottles to fully complete the cycle of eradication…(cost about $100 total or more depending on currency & taxes & shipping or tokens)…Contains Cu Cu K O P Se Io Ag …I think!

Doctor recommendation from Sari Grove, (in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Dr. Junzo Kokubo <> Most incredible doctor…Using Japanese medicine, Dr. Junzo Kokubo quickly addresses underlying physical issues & treats them in a way that is both pleasing & effective…Sensitive, affordable, & genius…The best…Corrects problems you may not even know existed…

“ Tissue refractive index as a marker for disease…This is the original article where I sourced the information about the biochemistry of lumps & the spatial light interference microscopy SLIM pictures that I could compare to my own pictures…
I am so excited for you to try my DIY Thermogram method…It really is quite easy once you do it once…It gives you back control!
Thank you for being there for me…It seems that I am just starting to go through menopause right now, & the emotions are just so strong right now-I really needed a friend just exactly right now…Your encouragement is just so right, right now…Thanks…”(re:difference between malignant & benign) So this is a thing you can do online…You sign up, & tell them what your ailment is…They program a code into their audio tape that is the soundwave code for healing that part of your body or brain part…When you listen to their training session online, you hear the sounds, & the soundwaves they have programmed in affect the correct part of your body or brain part, which helps your body or brain part to heal itself or to attack an enemy…It is called Advanced cell Training, & they are based in Rhode Island, where Brown university is(a friend from high school went there), & a few other good schools…This training has been particularly successful with correcting LYME disease…(which is usually in the Gallbladder-Wernicke’s area clogged, Broca’s area underproductive)…This is a new form of medicine, so be careful…Experimental!!!(also not free if you actually try it…) Dr. Wayne Dyer is an expert in educational counselling, motivational speaking & books, & just basically supporting you in whatever you are trying to do in this life…I find his words to be very spiritual & uplifting & very helpful to me in my career path as well…Excellent resource… Happify is an online place to get happier…I was a Beta tester for the Happify program & it works…It is supported by many Harvard studies, a school that I attended as did my father…Radcliffe, the female counterpart to Harvard migrated karmically to Sarah Lawrence College, which became the beginning of something called “The Seven Sisters”…I went there too…

THE GROVE HEALTH SCIENCE BOOK SERIES this link takes you to "real" versions of our books on Amazon...Paperbacks & Kindle editions with higher resolution pictures than the free versions...Plus descriptions, book cover photos, see inside features, & all that gooey nice stuff Amazon does that makes books friendlier to read & buy & own & invest in & have...We don't make a profit from you buying these books from Amazon, but you get excellent value, an artist book that is a collector item, & we get blessings & good feelings from knowing that...Which sort of is a profit isn't it?


Gerson Therapy:so it’s like 13 vegetable juices a day, coffee enemas, a bunch of detox type supplements, some supplements that nutrify the body so you don’t starve to death(cachexia is a cause of death amongst cancer patients:maybe 70% of the time they die of just starvation, either caused by organs shutting down from too much chemo, or doing it to themselves in an effort to heal themselves or rid themselves of this parasite)…Cautions:Juices can get expensive if you get someone else to make juice for you, juices can have too much sugar in them from fruit, pneumonia(an often undiagnosed factor in cancer) can get worse from drinking too much water, it’s a little wasteful to dump a vegetable & just take its liquid, it’s also slightly lazy to not bother just chewing a raw vegetable-but if you have trouble chewing or eating sometimes this is the only way to get some plant based nutrition inside you…
Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving Cosmo Barranca has the best taste in art in Toronto…

I love to look through his collection to see what he has chosen & why & sometimes we chat about how the art was made or just about how artists are doing & sometimes about the weather or what new health thing we are doing…

Cosmo is a good good gallery owner who has supported artists financially & emotionally for possibly half a century at least…

Cosmo actually BOUGHT art from artists all the way along, thus helping them to continue, as opposed to those galleries who get the free consignment art & then don’t buy anything…

Please support Cosmo in his newer venture which is different from the bricks & mortar gallery that La Parete was for so long…(He sold it a year ago)… Many of you will know Richard Serra`s work in Toronto…Large curving sculptural rust coloured walls that create & delineate a warm space for outdoor nest type gathering amongst the hollowness of the office buildings that make up the brokerage & bank office buildings…

Oeno Gallery Probably the best art gallery in Ontario…You have to drive to Prince Edward County(2-3 hours depending on traffic & how fast you drive from Toronto)…

Two Bears Cold Brew Coffee Co The venture of the grandson of my Mum’s friend-Cold brew coffee has more caffeine in it because it is steeped in cold water for 12-16 hours-no hot water to steal precious caffeine & other nutrients…Caffeine is a Copper, & Coppers are very anticancer(they are in real chemo did you know that?)…Also drinking cold brew coffee doesn’t stain your teeth the way hot coffee does…Yay! This stuff knocks your socks off & will drive away any lingering lethargy…My cold symptoms disappeared fast after drinking one bottle!

Norman Hardie Winery…Best wines from Prince Edward County! try the Riesling…

ParPar-soft deconstructed bras one size fits all with pads…South side of St. Clair avenue west of Bathurst in Toronto…Bras & lack of circulation have been linked to Lymph clogging & breast lumps-which is why a comfy bra is important…(get the Hanky Panky thong underwear Parpar sells too-to match…Thong underwear breathes better than regular-which is great if you tend to yeast infections or those red rings on your thighs from too tight elastic underwears…

The Manse Boutique Inn-Picton, Ontario…For a honeymoon you will never forget…Amazing trout served with the skin you can eat…Breakfast was 2 poached eggs on grainy toast with yummy salted bacon, 2 exquisite coffees, & more! Heated whirlpool outdoors & adjoining pool…Awesome shower with multiple jets to clean all your parts thoroughly!!! Private!!!

The Drake Devonshire-we had the most delicious lunch there…Also in prince Edward County…Perfect for a group of 35! (we had a whole room to ourselves!)…Cobb salad delightful…Fish & chips looked amazing…Instead of birthday cake, each guest got a tiny cupcake with a candle in it to wish for & blow out…Not too sweet…!(most cupcakes suffer from sweetness problems)

Designs by Naomi on Cumberland street…She is moving soon so catch the 40% off sale NOW…Stretch comfy clothing you can wear to work out in, yoga, then go to the opera…Very original…Makes Lululemon look dull…

Healthy Oil Summit-all about Essential Oils-how to use them & what to use them for & more…(Great for Lymph Node Detox if you use them in a mix as a salve deodorant, you can make that yourself or buy…    Also see more here… (you can take essential oils orally-Clove oil for parasites, Frankincense oil for anticancer properties…lemon oil in your washer or dryer…In vinegar with water to clean countertops(lavender, grapefruit, melaleuca tea tree oil)…”here is a comment excerpt answer about essential oils for chronic fatigue syndrome & fibromyalgia- ‘lavender, neroli (very uplifting and energizing), frankincense (strong anti-inflammatory), wintergreen for the muscle relief and then I also added a feminine support oil because of some cramping/cycle difficulties which I believe was ylang ylang.’ comment was by retired massage therapist Angela England after an interview on the site…