Making your own black salve, ideas?

Things you could put in a DIY black salve recipe…(I added which category they fit into on the Grove Body Part Chart)…

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis)/Manganese,
Zinc Chloride/Zinc & Fluorine=Copper Cu,
Burdock Root/Oxygen,
Graviola Root/Potassium,
Poke root/Iodine,
thyme essential oil/Titanium & Carbon,
and pure frankincense oil/Titanium & Carbon,
Neem Oil/Fluorine or Titanium-not sure,
Castor Oil/Aluminum maybe & Carbon-not sure,
olive oil/Nitrogen & Carbon,
grapeseed oil/Oxygen & Carbon
and hemp oil/Titanium & Carbon;
85 ounce glass jar/Silicon Sand Fire Mercury & Oxygen.

Other ideas to add to salve: Galangal (ginger family/Zincs)
Cat’s Claw Link to recipes on Mystic Mama


Hi...Sari sounds like Mary...I'm a Canadian artist who invented a map for humans called the Grove Body Part Chart...Grove Health Science is the name of the 12 book series...Most can be found free digitally on this blog or at not for profit prices on Amazon or Smashwords...In 2014, I developed DIY Imaging, a way to see cancer, biochemistry, inflammation, with any camera & free online photo editors...Since then I have been teaching the method & doing diagnostic imaging...DIY Cancer Repair Manual is a Facebook group I manage with *4,918 people(*as of July 23rd, 2018) who are pioneering new ways to solve is being built (2017) to make the diagnostic process even easier...This is revolutionizing diagnostic medicine...I am owned by two intact female bengals cats , B'elanna & Jadzia...My husband of almost 21 years Joseph Grove, does all the laundry, dishes, litter box cleaning & more, to ensure that I am free to plough out the corn , so to speak...( If you go to the P Filter is working! Upload any picture & you can see inflammation as a red colour!( use Oxygens like b17, gumby gumby, milk thistle, for inflammation which is a Hydrogen)...

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