Licorice root extract: Which brand to buy?

Update on Monday July 25, 2016:For licorice root extract, the answers are paradoxical…I have used a 1:4 ratio from St Francis…Excellent! Another used a 1:5 ratio from Orange Naturals-even stronger!…Someone used a 1:1 ratio from herb Pharm-terrible…So…The problem is that the ratios are what part root there is to what part menstruum(menstruum is alcohol or whatever they put it in)…So…Logically a 1:1 ratio would be stronger than a 1:4 ratio…But so far the reverse has been true…The 1:5 should have been the weakest, but it was the strongest…if in doubt, you can get the raw licorice root herb, simmer in water, & drink…It is the cheapest that way…With the extracts-if it is working, you will FEEL it BURNING away at the tumour-killing cancer…If it is a terrible brand, you will taste alcohol, it may be sweet, & it will do nothing at all…MOST people FEEL the licorice root extract working…Tumour sites get hot & active feeling…

p.s. Mountain Rose herbs has a 1:4 extract(in the States), which I have not tried yet, but the company is good…


As many of you know, I recommend Licorice root extract as a first step in an anticancer protocol…(after raw plant based diet & walking 2-3 hours daily)…But it has come to my attention that not all licorice root extracts are equal…The brand I used called St. Francis has a 1:4 ratio…That means for every one part of alcohol there are 4 parts of licorice root herb…Recently, someone else who was in a real hurry bought a brand from the store shelf because she didn’t have time to order it online & wait for shipping…She bought a brand called “Orange”…Turns out Orange has a 1:5 ratio, even stronger than the one I took…This must be why she had such fabulous results! Unfortunately I got overconfident, & the next person who asked, I said get what your local health food store has on its shelf(thinking that I had had such luck with randomness recently, that maybe I shouldn’t mention brand names)…So this next person bought a brand called “Herb Pharm”…After two weeks she was not happy with her results…I just checked the dilution of the Herb Pharm brand…Herb Pharm is 1:2…This means for every one part alcohol, there are two parts licorice root…Turns out this is not a good enough ratio…So…Please check the ratio of your extracts & tinctures, if you are taking licorice root, & make sure it is at least 1:4…1:5 is even better…& 1:2 is not good enough! (I find that extracts absorb much better than capsules or tea…Despite the tiny bit of alcohol…They are very powerful…)Most extracts cost under $20 a bottle…You can see them actually working if you take before & after pictures & edit them yourself… Here is how to do NIDI (non invasive diagnostic imaging)


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3 thoughts on “Licorice root extract: Which brand to buy?

  1. Dot

    Will just chewing the chopped up licorice root itself be beneficial?

    1. Sari

      Yes…I actually was swallowing bits of it, but chewing & spitting it out will work too…Watch your teeth though…Coppers dissolve Phosphorus, which could be an issue, cause teeth contain Calcium & phosphorus too…

      1. Dot

        thanks re teeth. dot

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