Has anyone avoided surgery with breast cancer & succeeded?

( Answer from Sari Grove):I didn’t do lumpectomy…Raw plant based diet, walking 2 hours daily, those were the big changes…My goal was to turn the lump benign…Shrinking it is a different goal…My theory was that if Phosphorus was the differential between malignant & benign, & if Coppers antagonize Phosphorus, I just needed a good absorbable Copper herb to eat the Cancer & render lump benign…I used Licorice root ( extract at first) to act as my Copper( it is like caffeine in practice, another Copper)…I developed my own diagnostic imaging to see the phosphorus, so I could determine if it was working…It did…Later I combined Licorice root herb, Madagascar periwinkle herb( Vinpocetine which acts like iodine), & Mugwort herb( Manganese lowers Iron), to address the main components of a tumour…1/3 cup each with enough water to cover, simmer 15 minutes, drink…That was my inexpensive DIY Chemo…It worked, & I am now the proud owner of a benign lump…Still trying to figure out how to get rid of it, as the black salving doesn’t work on benign…More on my site- my free books are there- DIY Cancer repair manual, also RepoWoman, & more…Here http://www.grovecanada.ca ( eventually it will get organized better, sorry…)

Here is the raw diet I did…%22My Raw Food Diet Cure%22


Hi...Sari sounds like Mary...I'm a Canadian artist who invented a map for humans called the Grove Body Part Chart...Grove Health Science is the name of the 12 book series...Most can be found free digitally on this blog or at not for profit prices on Amazon or Smashwords...In 2014, I developed DIY Imaging, a way to see cancer, biochemistry, inflammation, with any camera & free online photo editors...Since then I have been teaching the method & doing diagnostic imaging...DIY Cancer Repair Manual is a Facebook group I manage with *3,549 people(*as of Wed.April 4th, 2018) who are pioneering new ways to solve cancer...DIYImaging.com is being built (2017) to make the diagnostic process even easier...This is revolutionizing diagnostic medicine...I am owned by two intact female bengals cats , B'elanna & Jadzia...My husband of almost 21 years Joseph Grove, does all the laundry, dishes, litter box cleaning & more, to ensure that I am free to plough out the corn , so to speak...

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6 thoughts on “Has anyone avoided surgery with breast cancer & succeeded?

  1. Dot

    I think you said you used a copper skin patch. Do you recommend that? I can’t get them in Australia. I wish I understood the photo thing. thanks again, Dot.

  2. Sari


    The Copper patch was fun & did bring some Copper to my body…But for the price & effort I’d recommend plain old Copper pills which will pack the same punch for your dollar…

    I am currently working on making a one step App to make the photo edits easier…This might take a while…

    All you have to do is upload a close up picture to either Foroflexer or Lunapic & follow the steps…There are 4 steps in fotoflexer & 15 in lunapic…

    The colours in fotoflexer are explained…

    In Lunapic, if there is purple there is probably cancer…Mauve is a pre- cancer area…

    Take your time…It is not hard, just go one step at a time…

    I can edit for you, if you do take a picture( bright light, close to the skin so it can see under the skin to a tumour)

    1. Dot

      Do you mean just take a normal photo/picture or in one of those 2 systems – which I’ve never heard of. Thanks for your patience. From hair analysis my copper is low, although slightly higher than potassium and sodium. The only high is Zinc. Everything else is lowish. thanks again, Dot

      1. Sari

        Just a normal picture…Good light…Close up where the trouble is or was…

        1. Dot

          How generous of you. I will do that, thanks. Email it to you? Dot

          1. Sari Grove

            Sure…I do it all the time… Grove@sent.com

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