Chew your Frankincense! Lymph detox deodorant! Opoponax(Myrrh family)! Pink grapefruit essential oil!

(answer:how did you take frankincense?)”I chewed the Frankincense nuggets into a gum then spat them out when the medicine was gone…It was a pleasant way to take medicine & I had good lump shrinkage doing this combined with the madagascar periwinkle herb tea I would make by simmering the herb on the stove for 15 minutes…p.s. Opoponax is a variety of Myrrh that is strong-it lowers blood sugar & you can use it topically or internally…Pink grapefruit essential oil mixed with a carrier like apricot seed oil is good to rub into lymph nodes at armpits…I also used a lymph detox deodorant But you can copy the recipe & make some yourself …(I did )”

More explanation: Frankincense is pretty expensive as essential oil…I found out that in Oman they chew it like gum…So I bought some nuggets called Frankincense Tears & chewed them & sure enough they make a minty gum…The medicine comes out in your mouth when you chew them…Then you spit it out when it is flavourless…You can also burn these tears as incense, to make your air medicinal…Some put the tears in a pitcher of water at night in the fridge & the next day drink the water…You can add lemon & stevia if you want…These are other ways to take frankincense…Or you can take boswellia capsules which is frank too…


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