Birth control drugs? Zeolites to clean produce?

Copper is actually a great choice because today people are actually quite Copper deficient…Copper eats away at Phosphorus which is cancer’s favorite food, so a Copper device is actually anticancer…However…You have taken the birth control pill…This is a progesterone which acts like excess calcium in the Adrenal Gland…It MUST be removed because it does not excrete naturally…Birth control drugs are probably the number one reason for female cancers today…To remove birth control drugs, use the same things as those that remove heavy metals…The top 3 are: Gingko Biloba, Vinpocetine, & Butcher’s Broom…Get & take all three for at least 6 months in decent dosages…preferable continue to take them for a few years to completely remove all traces of birth control drugs from your system & lessen your risk of developing tumours…


(this was about a zeolite cleaner in fruit & vegetable section of store)In terms of the Zeolite? It will/might remove surface problems-but deeper toxins, if you are worried, will probably remain-a truly organic vegetable or fruit will be organic all the way down to the core…The zeolite will just clean off the surface…Mike Adams the Health Ranger found that many Zeolite products are themselves tainted…He did a whole laboratory report in his own lab…You could read about that…Though it is pretty negative about zeolites…Listen, the main thing is that you are eating fruits & vegetables-a raw plant based diet, whether it be based on organic or non-organic will still bring you out a winner…There are other ways to clean your fruits & vegetables…Of course, proof is in the pudding…Try the zeolite thing & compare it to a few items you didn’t wash…Have someone else do a taste test too…See if you can tell the difference!


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