How to see a lump in your breast(or anywhere else)…by Sari Grove

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Conversations on Facebook about Molybdenum & cancer…

Grove Body Part Chart

Sari Grove Molybdenum is found specifically in navy beans…But it is also found in farming fertilizers…If you grew up on our near a farm, your Molybdenum levels may be high from that… Molybdenum will gunk up Skene’s gland in women … Continue reading

Alternative AntiCancer Help at


Infrared Light bulbs…Clip one near your computer…Tumour shrinkage or just all around feel good!

So a lady in one of my Facebook groups posted that she had been using an infrared bulb near to her breast lump & after 2 weeks it had shrunk a good amount… So I thought that was a neat … Continue reading

Question:Why is my breast lump swelling while I do my Detoxing?

Grove Body Part Chart

Swelling of lump while doing Alternative anticancer medicine: Comments: When you exercise, during the workout, it swells up… The next day it should shrink back to much smaller though… When you are stressed out, like a diagnostic imaging day, it … Continue reading

About Joseph & Sari Grove…(& a bit about an antiesterogenic herb)

  (we got asked a question recently about our backgrounds…so here is that answer…) I’m an artist… My husband is too… We developed a medical theory together called The Grove Body Part Chart & wrote a book about it… Thousands … Continue reading

Mesenchymal, Basal cell, Squamous cell-types of Cancer cells…

  On our Grove Body Part Chart… Mesenchymal Cells like to feed on what we call Aluminum which in the real world(our chart uses Periodic Table elements mostly), is called Cholesterol & is called Cancer marker EGFR epidermal growth factor … Continue reading


  There is one main thing I’d like to mention to begin… GMO glutens have blocked many Kidneys since they came into the marketplace… But they also mask nutritional deficiencies which can precipitate mental illness… You need to go gluten … Continue reading

In response to a question about Esophageal Cancer:

In response to a question about esophageal cancer: Here’s a blog post I wrote a while ago just with some basic ideas for any kind of cancer…(just to cover some bases)…/ … I have some knowledge of tongue cancer, … Continue reading

Iron anemia & the concept of muscle testing…

I received a shipment of Zeolite rocks from Great South who sell them by the case at decent prices…(I use them in my art studio to absorb odours & also beside cat litter boxes & in the bathrooms…They sent me … Continue reading

CEA, CA27.29,Blood PH, Thermograms …

CEA is a level often used for colorectal cancer…It is also elevated in smokers…It looks at levels in the endothelium( skin)…Which points to the idea that it is measuring Bismuth levels( think ash, or soot)… CA27.29 just by its numbers, … Continue reading