For someone who needs a little help getting started with an anticancer protocol…

1)Raw plant based diet…(read this free copy of a book to learn how to do it well)…This means NO sugar, No Dairy, No Meat, No gluten…(so no cottage cheese, no kefir or yogurt, no bread, no chicken, no maple syrup … Continue reading

3 ways to do your own diagnostic imaging!

Here are the 3 ways to do NIDI…(non invasive diagnostic imaging!) by Sari Grove   Fotoflexer checks biochemistry/receptors…Yes this file is downloadable for free!   Lunapic checks for cancer…See below…yes, this is a downloadable file for free! Pixlr helps you … Continue reading

New improved Non Invasive Diagnostic Imaging…(“NIDI”)!

Ok, so for those people who know how to do the 3 NIDI techniques in Fotoflexer, Lunapic, & Pixlr…I have found a very interesting correlation!It began with the finding that when I saw lead, there was also Molybdenum present…I looked … Continue reading

The top of the body in NIDI, as it relates to the bottom of the body in NIDI, in colours, in fotoflexer, lunapic & pixlr!!!

So Blue in Fotoflexer means Lead Pb AND Mb Molybdenum… Pink in Fotoflexer means Fe iron AND Bi Bismuth… Pale pink(or whitish pink) in Fotoflexer means Al Aluminum AND Hg Mercury…(because the top of the body is an upside mirror … Continue reading

So if…The upper body ends at the Pancreas, & the Lower body begins with the Liver, then…

Then the arm, is controlled by the upper body… & the leg is controlled by the lower body… & we are in a triangle…(a Pythagorean triangle, where it sits sideways with the point (top) to the right &… In the … Continue reading

If you see, Blue in Fotoflexer, Know Lead Pb, but Assume Molybdenum Mb…

Why? Because I have noticed that, Pb Lead appears with Mb Molybdenum, when there are heavy metals present… One might assume that lead & molybdenum are friends… But I noticed that the body is a mirror of itself, that in, … Continue reading




Ok so…

The business card folds here…Between the Pancreas & the Liver…(card with 12 elements sorry)

So you got 6 elements on either side of the card…(folding horizontally)

Forget about the brain chart on the other side for the minute…The card is not aligned perfectly yet(sorry)


Pulling Hair…Folding Molybdenum…

Caption: Voice file Sari grove talking into a El Capitan iMac desktop computer which is bigger than the 17 inch one…(27 ” maybe?) Using audio voicemail service record to email mp3 usually or mp4 maybe…About the picture with the … Continue reading

Mapping the brain:NIDI

Arms & legs…(Needles & Pins)

Triumph of the Wall

TRIUMPH OF THE WALL from Bunbury Films on Vimeo.

Lead causing Lung cancer…

This is an X ray of a someone who smokes cigarettes… Edited in Fotoflexer using NIDI… The Blueish colour is LEAD… Tobacco is sticky & Lead sticks to it naturally, then you smoke it… So the trick with Lung cancer … Continue reading

What are you doing that is sabotaging your DIY anticancer treatment?


I have written about many of these items on my blog already, but I keep finding people who are taking many of these items, & are sabotaging their own treatment… So I am just going to make a short list … Continue reading

Response to a pro-melatonin article vis a vis cancer …

“Melatonin’s role as an oncostatic and cytotoxic agent is well established”… The truth is, is that is not true at all… Melatonin has NOT been established in any way shape or form…These correlative studies are saying that people who work … Continue reading

Splenda & other artificial sweeteners…(yes, they ARE anticancer actually)!

Splenda, & most artificial sweeteners are made with 4 Potassium molecules & one sugar molecule…They are actually quite similar to Stevia, due to their high Potassium content… Potassium is the base for Beta Blocker drugs which lower blood pressure…For those … Continue reading

Key Points…”Grove Health Science X & Y”

In Lunapic it was first only the purple phosphorus to look for…But now also look for Key Lime Mercury…This is a new discovery… In Pixlr the edges of the mass often show up as the red…I am pretty sure the … Continue reading

Goat, Raccoon, Fox…….png This is Sari Grove admin for DIY Cancer Repair Manual…I have added Joseph Grove as a moderator, to help with male issues…Pau D’arco from the Tabebuia Impetiginosa tree, is actually a Bo Boron too…(I had it listed as an … Continue reading

Are you “Putting out the fire with gasoline” ? (what elements of your anticancer protocol are making you worse?)   Are you ” putting out the fire with gasoline”? If you are doing any Trojan horse theory programs, ( maple syrup with baking soda, artemisinin with iron) or a program that suggests foods “change composition” when added to … Continue reading

“How were you diagnosed & how did you know when your breast cancer lump was benign?”

sun august 28, 2016 after sweaty hot night walk with joseph

My Answer from my Facebook group: DIY Cancer Repair Manual-join! “I have answered these questions on my blog & in my books, but, considering how wordy I am, I can understand not wanting to sift through 9 books & an … Continue reading

The gentle Black Salve that doesn’t hurt! (Two Feathers)

Black Salve Comments:So, about the Two Feathers salve…It seems to work tremendously well when you eat it, which you are supposed to do for 7 days before salving with it…Internally it is quite complex(18 ingredients, though I don’t know exactly … Continue reading

NIDI (Non Invasive diagnostic imaging)3 audio files with instructions on how to do your own diagnostic imaging…by Sari Grove

Fotoflexer edit instructions in audio form…(Sari Grove talking, below) (shows Lead(can be from red meat, vitamin a or heavy metal too), iron(from chicken, iron supplements, kale), Aluminum(cholesterol), Hydrogen(her2+-from liquids), Calcium/progesterone-from birth control drugs & Hormone replacement therapy-men are exposed from … Continue reading

Voice talk by Sari Grove about how she came up with the NIDI idea(non invasive diagnostic imaging)*8 min.

How Sari came up with the whole NIDI thing(non invasive diagnostic imaging)-below, listen   Fotoflexer edit instructions in audio form…(Sari Grove talking, below) (shows Lead(can be from red meat, vitamin a or heavy metal too), iron(from chicken, iron supplements, kale), … Continue reading

Cytomegalovirus(& medulloblastoma), Ferrets(& adrenal cancer), SV40(from Polio Vaccine)…

cytomegalovirus & medulloblastoma

Thanks to Marnie Newton of the Facebook Group “DIY Cancer Repair Manual” for the stunning information correlating viruses to cancer types…(To pick Marnie Newton’s brain join the group!) *I linked the viruses to where they are on the brain & … Continue reading

17 min. talk by Sari Grove about N.I.D.I. Non Invasive Diagnostic Imaging…

under Infrared lightbulb by Ruby Lux

tiny Talk (17 min)-“N.I.D.I.” by Sari Grove(Non Invasive Diagnostic Imaging) More about N.I.D.I. (How to Page)

Boron first…The Order of Things in an Anticancer regime…


Update:”In fact, there are several other body parts not seen by the three editors…In this chart, there are 12 body parts…Gender is the prostate in men & skene’s gland in women by the way…The MINUS column is how you detox … Continue reading

Comments about dairy, colostrum, cottage cheese, yogurt…While trying to cure cancer…

“I am just speaking from doing imaging for people, what I have seen…Those who do dairy have the worst pictures of everybody…Progression…Ulceration…Metastases…I am well aware of all these therapies that advocate dairy…Unfortunately there are absolutely no clinical trials about the … Continue reading

Grove DIY AntiCancer Manual…(free pdf)!

About the DIY Diagnostic Imaging: You can do all the imaging yourself if you want…Instructions are all over my site & in my free books…But yes…If you send me a picture of where the problem is or was, I upload … Continue reading

Concussion soup…(Zuppa di Pesce)


What to eat lots of if you have had a concussion…(Note:Quantities are up to you…) Line the bottom of a generous sized pot with olive oil… Pour in some lemon juice… Drop in some Apple Cider Vinegar…(Braggs) Add a really … Continue reading

What to do now if you have cancer…


Corrections:(August 2017)- Ok, so Licorice root extract brands have proven to be highly variable…It is safer & cheaper to just buy a bag of raw Licorice root, & simmer in boiled Spring water for 15 minutes & drink… Next correction: … Continue reading

What is the lump under the skin made out of? (Her2+? Pr+?) Seeing under the skin using to determine biochemistry…

2 In BASIC:Choose ADJUST[/caption] In EFFECTS:Choose HEAT MAP (Note:Click the MORE button at the top right corner to see more choices including the Heat Map choice)[/caption] APPLY heat Map[/caption] Choose COLOR ROTATE in EFFECTS (to the left a bit of … Continue reading

How to track size change of tumours, lumps, masses, congestion, while doing your anticancer protocol! (in the free

How to track size change of tumours, lumps, masses, congestion, while doing your anticancer protocol! This method uses the Free which anyone with an internet connection can use… If you are on an iPhone, first download the Free Puffin … Continue reading

Licorice root lowers estrogen, serotonin & phosphorus levels causing cancer cells to revert back to normal cells… p

Phenotypic reversion using licorice root, anti-tumour effects...

Licorice root inhibits serotonin… Serotonin & estrogen are quite similar… Estrogen is also similar to Phosphorus… Licorice root is a Copper family herb that lowers Phosphorus… Licorice root also acts as an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor)-which means it lowers … Continue reading

Is the lump Cancer or Not? Step by Step visual instructions using free online photo editor…by Sari Grove

Photo on 2016-06-10 at 6.08 PM

*This post as a PDF file(& the NIDI post is there too with the Fotoflexer edit for chemistry(see pr+ & her2+ as well) & the Pixlr edit for size change tracking…) The better the picture, the better the results…The brighter … Continue reading

A powerful anticancer combo!

Ok…So you have to pick two things that you are going to take right now for your anticancer regime…You are starting out & have to choose because you are on a tight budget…Or you are stuck & are in trouble…These … Continue reading

Tamoxifen is an Iodine that lowers calcium(Pr+ progesterone)in the Adrenal Gland…& Pituitary Gland in the brain…

Tamoxifen is an Iodine that lowers calcium(Pr+ progesterone) in the Adrenal Gland…& Pituitary Gland in the brain… So what it does is it helps to shrink tumours, both benign & malignant, which are made partially of Calcium… Ground flaxseed is … Continue reading

What did I do when I got Cancer?

  My DIY chemo was: 1/3 cup Licorice root( Coppers eat estrogens/Phosphorus which cancer feeds on), 1/3 cup Mugwort( Manganese eats Iron which is a component of benign & malignant tumours), 1/3 cup Madagascar Periwinkle( Iodine or Vinpocetine is used … Continue reading

Bloodroot capsules for ladies’ internal tumours & cancer (private parts)…But also good generally for both genders & all types of cancers…

Manganese lowers iron in the Thymus gland which produces red & white blood cells… All tumours have an iron component, whether benign or malignant… Bloodroot capsules are manganese & are fabulous anticancer…(Zenith Herbals sells double strength Bloodroot capsules which are … Continue reading

4 types of chemotherapy & their alternative…( breast cancer protocol)

Note: I have added a few more chemo types to make this post more comprehensive… This 4 type chemo program was offered to someone recently with breast cancer… Fluorouracil – Fluorine:Colon(Pineal Gland( , antagonizes Bismuth…Alternative Moringa Oleifera powder… Epirubicin- Zinc … Continue reading

That Sarcoma, Triple Negative & inflammatory & aggressive or ulcerating fungating breast cancers, are really caused by Lyme disease…

Ok…New information from P.P. in Africa… P.P. was reading this blog & noticed that Burt’s Sarcoma pictures looked alot like her sister’s tumour, which had been diagnosed Triple Negative breast cancer…I have seen this type of tumour three times … Continue reading to track SIZE of a lump over time…(*work in progress)

TO CHECK FOR SIZE OF A LUMP *(KEEP THESE TO TRACK CHANGE OVER TIME)follow these 4 short steps in 1)OPEN IMAGE 2)FILTER:MIMIC HDR 3)FILTER:SHARPEN 4)FILTER:HEAT MAP 2 (slide ALL the way TO LEFT which gives the number “2”) optional:FANCY … Continue reading

NIDI=Non Invasive Diagnostic Imaging…created by Sari Grove, artist!

Sari’s Note: For those in a hurry, here are all 3 edits, Fotoflexer(for chemistry), Lunapic(to see cancer), Pixlr(size changes), in one video! Note:The Lunapic edit shown in the video is the mobile phone version of Lunapic…If you are on a … Continue reading

Ideas on how to get rid of cancer…(Frankincense & Noni)–-the-journey-to-sacred-frankincense/  The country of Oman enjoys some of the lowest cancer rates in the world, usually attributed to the habit of chewing Frankincense Tears(the raw nuggets), as gum…(Frankincense is a Titanium that lowers Aluminum in the Lungs & Lymph Nodes)… … Continue reading

High B12 is linked to cancer… & high B12 Basal cells like to eat B12… Those with the MTHFR gene have problems processing B12, which can lead to aggressive cancers that feed on the excess… Potassiums eat B12… Graviola is a Poassium… Hawthorn berries are … Continue reading

Bloodroot salve:Part 6 (Frankinthyme bloodroot skin salve!)

Blood root Salve Part 5… I got the Frankinthyme Bloodroot skin salve here… So…Nothing happened! No reaction to the Frankinthyme salve! Oh well… So I salved again using the Two Feathers black salve…Still getting small bits on the surface, … Continue reading

Pdf or DocX file of DIY Cancer Repair:Emergency (for when they say there is nothing more they can do & want you to go to hospice)!

DIY Cancer repair-Emergency DIY Cancer repair-Emergency DIY Cancer repair-Emergency PDF of DIY Cancer repair:Emergency DIY Cancer repair-EmergencyDOcX file of DIY Cancer repair :Emergency Continue with Licorice root extract to kill the Cancer…Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic that will get rid of … Continue reading

Hi Stranger! Thanks for dropping by!

Hi…Welcome to our site…We are Joseph & Sari Grove(Sari sounds like mary) & we are Canadian artists who have developed some new ideas in the field of medicine…Do It Yourself Diagnostic Imaging is one of those innovations…

Cannabidiol, removes Lead, Iron, Aluminum…But does not remove, Hydrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus…

Lunapic, Left before, After 6 mos...MRI

Please see the Comment at the bottom of this post which summarizes the thesis in an easier way…(sometimes I am hard to understand)…Apologies… Cannabidiol, removes Lead, Iron, Aluminum…But does not remove, Hydrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus… The flow of things is:(The flow … Continue reading

Solving Cancer by Body Part using Grove Body Part Chart & Grove Brain Part Chart for guidance!



Shingles, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Epstein-Barr Virus, Colon to Liver to Lung to Brain cancers, Cancer Bone pain…

Liver flukes Shingles Hodgkin's disease Bone pain...

From the facebook Group DIY Cancer Repair Manual:Marnie Newton(facebook) is an expert in the cause of Cancer…Her tack is identifying the parasite behind this word…For example…I saw what looked to be Liver fluke egg shape in a picture of someone … Continue reading

Ovarian Cancer…Raw food diet, Gallbladder Cleanse…

This is the story of someone who cured Ovarian cancer… Of note: A grapefruit, olive oil, Epsom salt gallbladder cleanse… A raw food diet… Helen Hecker’s My raw food diet secrets & cure(exellent book on how to go raw) Yes, … Continue reading

Basic ANTIcancer things to do NOW!


Hi…This post was supposed to be a basic starter post, but has become much much more…Sorry about that…I will write a newer post that has fewer ideas in it to think about… The Philosophy…You want at least One thing from … Continue reading

Direction of Attack:The order of things in an anticancer regime

Direction of attack

Comment: Ok…So instead of writing it out in text, I drew a picture to explain the Order of Attack…You want to start at the outside & move in…Many people begin with say Vitamin C Iv infusions(a Zinc), but you can … Continue reading

About GroveCanada.Ca

Hi…I’m Sari Grove…(Sari sounds like Mary)…My husband is the “WE” if I refer to we…   Our field is out of the box thinking as it applies to medicine…Sort of artists plunk in the middle of a field of square … Continue reading


Updated recipe anticancer green smoothie: Heavy Metals Defense Powder can be added… I have been making an anticancer green smoothie for my husband daily which includes a brand new very powerful supplement that acts like C but is more … Continue reading

Two ways to see a lump under the skin…(biochemistry & malignancy imaging-Do It Yourself!!!)

Jesus greets you at St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto!

DIY Cancer Repair Manual DIY_Cancer_Repair_Manual_by_Joseph_Sari_Grove(this short book has the two editing methods instructions inside…   Mobile cameras actually take pretty good pictures because they are calibrated to expect low light & shakey moving… If you take your picture with a … Continue reading

So you want to go “alternative” with your cancer treatment but you don’t know where to start…

The Minus column detoxes...The Plus column feeds...

How to see a lump in your breast & our free ebooks:Free PDF file you can download & share with someone who needs it) BOOKS ACCESS as well! (more places) This is a PDF file you can download for free & share with someone who might need it… You get the link to the ‘How to see a lump in your breast(or anywhere … Continue reading

How to see a lump in your breast(or anywhere else)…by Sari Grove


Before word:There are 2 main Editing techniques mentioned here…One is the Fotoflexer edit that looks at biochemistry…This will tell you what some of your imbalances are, & will help you to focus on what exactly to correct for health…The second … Continue reading

Better free PDF file of the 3 NIDI edit methods(cause I made the font bigger)…

Note: because this Free PDF file is embedded here, don’t press that download PDF button at the top of this post to get your file…(you will just get a page with the link info)… Press the teeny page with arrow … Continue reading

So you want to do your own diagnostic imaging? 3 in one tutorials & a starter anticancer note…Free pdf by Sari Grove

Misinformation about fluoride vis a vis cancer…

There is much misinformation about fluoride..

Black Salve for cancer!

If you have cancer, anywhere on your body, then consider using Black Salve topically…(& take the bloodroot capsules internally at the same time to help it all to work better)… Here is how much it will cost… So, I … Continue reading

Extending NIDi (non invasive diagnostic imaging):Theory that one element implies another is also present…

So I have been working on NIDI…Non Invasive Diagnostic Imaging… I noticed that the body, upper body with arms, & lower body with legs, seems to mirror itself… The mirror idea also works in the brain parts by the way…(Note:Upper … Continue reading

Watched the movie called Joy on Netflix, & got inspired!

Joy, the movie… If you have Netflix, watch Joy there… An inspirational story about a woman who invents something… I mention this because, I myself am at a crossroads of sorts… I have invented NIDI, non invasive diagnostic imaging, … Continue reading

Water/Hydrogen is NOT anticancer…(Oxygen is!)

The picture at the far right is cancer… All edited in Fotoflexer… Notice the peachy colour in the far right pic… That’s Hydrogen…Like what you get in water… So a big differential between a normal mammogram, benign cysts, & cancer, … Continue reading

I’m ok…Lesson:Topical bumps aren’t reached very well by internal medicines, & HAVE to be black salved!

So…I had gotten the breast lump to benign…Thought I was safe…Started eating normally…Relaxed my regime… But there was something topical at the top of my spine, back of my neck…I applied some black salve & had a huge reaction…A whole … Continue reading