Sep3rd-6th, and also Nov26th-29th…POP-up Gallery shows…Noubar O. Sabag

WHEN: Sep3rd-6th, and also Nov26th-29th… WHAT: POP-up Gallery shows… WHO: Noubar O. Sabag WHERE:

Where I got my CBD Oil in Canada, & what did I discover about its effects…

My review of CBD OIl from Buy Weed Online .ca “I tried & tried to source CBD Oil (Cannabis oil), to address a breast lump(DCIS is what it is called by diagnosis)…Found out the oil, which is low THC(no stone), … Continue reading

Instant Concrete Buildings, Bacteria that eat Shale & poop out metals, & ZooPoo(heat our Zoo with Poo!)

First cool idea: As some of you may know, I spent over a year learning concrete technology, specifically so I could make a 5 foot outdoor swan sculpture that would live 45 minutes North & West of Toronto, in a … Continue reading

I am guessing Book 9 of the Grove Health Science series will not be available for free…(I could be wrong)

When I started writing the Grove Health Science series, I would embed free versions of the books using Scribd’s service, on this website… …so the following picture shows how many people viewed each book(& some other documents of mine … Continue reading

WOW! Big lump shrinkage recently(after 2 months of letting go of my detox plan)…

Yellow is the lump, that is now mostly made of calcium…(the green is just where the flash highlights the area around the lump…Should be normal flesh…) DIY Thermogram instructions using free Fotflexer online software & a digital camera(mine is sony … Continue reading

Lump removal 101 & why surgery can screw that up…

In the previous post I discuss which elements of the Chart detox & which elements feed… When trying to get rid of a lump in your body, you need detox elements… When you are injured, you need elements that feed … Continue reading

A better way to look at acidity & alkalinity…

So, there has been alot of talk in the Alternative Treatment Cancer groups on Facebook about acidity & alkalinity… It seems that the published menus are very counterintuitive…People are having problems sorting out what is what… I am, going to … Continue reading

DIY Medicine course $20 on GinkgoTree

Take the DIY Medicine course based on the Grove Body Part Chart, on GinkgoTree $20(goes to GinkgoTree to support educational programs like this one…) DIY Medicine on GinkgoTree $20(takes you to sign up for GinkgoTree page-free, then you pay $20 … Continue reading

About:Sari Grove(just a bit)

Today someone asked me in an email a little about myself…I answered, then realized maybe other people would like to read some of that too…So here is an excerpt from that email response… About age-I think that people just are … Continue reading

Do It Yourself Mammogram/Thermogram/MRI/Core Biopsy…

So I found an online free photo edit program where anybody can do their own Do It Yourself Mammogram/Thermogram/MRI/Core Biopsy… It’s called Fotoflexer & it’s here at Step 1)Take a picture of where your lump is, about 3-4 inches … Continue reading