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Hi…Welcome to our site…We are Joseph & Sari Grove(Sari sounds like mary) & we are Canadian artists who have developed some new ideas in the field of medicine…Do It Yourself Diagnostic Imaging is one of those innovations…

 For example: see under the skin at a lump…2 edits-1 for biochemistry, the other if it malignant or not)

How to see a lump under the skin, or check for Cancer in an operated area, or investigate a suspicious mole, or track your Alternative anticancer progress… ‎

PLEASE JOIN DIY CANCER REPAIR MANUAL on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/DIYCancerRepairManual/ Post: Basic ANTIcancer things to do now!(beginners protocol ideas) Look for the Free Books page on this site grovecanada.ca (Smashwords versions are downloadable) Funny video:Duet, Husky Imam Xmas ! https://youtu.be/Vogp-n1-JPA (A husky sings Christmas Carols in response to the call to prayer…)

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Hi...Sari sounds like Mary...I'm a Canadian artist who invented a map for humans called the Grove Body Part Chart...Grove Health Science is the name of the 12 book series...Most can be found free digitally on this blog or at not for profit prices on Amazon or Smashwords...In 2014, I developed DIY Imaging, a way to see cancer, biochemistry, inflammation, with any camera & free online photo editors...Since then I have been teaching the method & doing diagnostic imaging...DIY Cancer Repair Manual is a Facebook group I manage with *3,549 people(*as of Wed.April 4th, 2018) who are pioneering new ways to solve cancer...DIYImaging.com is being built (2017) to make the diagnostic process even easier...This is revolutionizing diagnostic medicine...I am owned by two intact female bengals cats , B'elanna & Jadzia...My husband of almost 21 years Joseph Grove, does all the laundry, dishes, litter box cleaning & more, to ensure that I am free to plough out the corn , so to speak...

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3 thoughts on “Hi Stranger! Thanks for dropping by!

  1. Dot

    Re the licorice. Is it enough to just chew on the ground roots, or would I need to take more? thanks, Dot

  2. Hi Dot,

    I took the licorice root extract, which is the strongest…

    I took capsules(like 9 a day)…medium strong

    I simmered the herb in water & drank that…Medium

    I also swallowed bits of the herb with some liquid …Mild

    It all depends how much of a rush you are in, how much Cancer is there…

    Of course, the more you take, the faster you can get to benign…

    I also drank the pre-made tea…Mild

    If you do the two editing processes, you can see how you are doing…

    Or email me a picture & I can do that for you… Grove@sent.com


    1. Dot

      I’d love to send a picture but not a camera person. Thanks a lot, Dot

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