How to see a lump in your breast(or anywhere else)…by Sari Grove

Instructions for how to see a lump under your skin in your body: (here’s a free PDF file of the instructions in step by step pictures you can download now…how to see a lump yourself…)PDF file 899 kb(small file) Take … Continue reading

Ryding Auto Body:All Parking PIllars should be round (not square or rectangular)

Ryding Auto Body Great location that is easy to find & see from the road! Right next door to California Sandwiches so my mother who hadn’t eaten could dash in quick for a delicious salad…Parking right in front… Two minutes … Continue reading

The Hudson’s Bay Company(Yonge & Bloor in Toronto):getting you ready for your wedding guest needs

Hudson’s Bay Company… People who mattered to me! THANK YOU! Deborah at Dior:Make-Up artist, who stayed until 6:30 pm (store closed at 6:00 pm)on a Sunday, to finish teaching how, & applying make-up to show different products look…Taught how to … Continue reading

First look at Poly MVA (a new anticancer supplement)

Ok, so I took a look at the ingredients & can give a quick rundown of what they are in simpler terms if that is helpful…(I use my chart to sort complex things into “families” of elements that all do … Continue reading

Hulled Hemp Seeds & Serrapeptase for Cystic Fibrosis…(& a raw plant based diet)

Similar things:(In the Lung & Lymph Node region) Thiamine Deficiency…Otherwise known as Titanium deficiency on our chart, see below… Cystic Fibrosis…An “Aluminum” excess on the Grove Body Part Chart…In the Parietal Lobe of the Grove Brain Part Chart… Beri Beri…(means … Continue reading

Caustic Burning Drawing Salves…Black salve…Eritrea…medicine in Africa…medicine in Japan…

It is the Zinc Chloride in the real drawing salves that are the caustic…if you have burned the area on your breast where the lump is, in fact, an interesting thing will happen due to the burn…The lump will move … Continue reading

After tonsilectomy, teeth cleanings, overflossing, throat/tongue surgery to remove cancer…

Cutting into the throat(tonsilectomy)can open the body up to a whole host of bacterium who otherwise wouldn’t have gotten in… besides doing detox, it is important that all those holes from surgeries be closed up… I found Arnica Montana (they … Continue reading

A possible daily, weekly & monthly maintenance plan after a year & a half of alternative type anticancer detoxing…

Daily Maintenance: Iodoral pill 12.5 mg a day:Iodine(to remove calcium)-Adrenal Gland/Pituitary Gland Amazing Grass Green Energy powder drink(full of greens vegetables & has some added plant caffeines like Yerba Mate & Matcha)-for Copper(to remove Phosphorus)-Spleen/Globus Palladus-Hypothalamus pair Bloodroot Capsules(from Zenith … Continue reading

Looking at a Drug “cocktail” that might be given to a psychiatric patient…

Ok, so a drug “cocktail” these days, can come in pairs…One drug to patch someone up after maybe an addiction to something “street”…Then its paired opposite to counter any side effects of the first drug…Drug pairing is newer thinking in … Continue reading

Easier to understand Grove Brain Part Chart…see how it links to the Body Part Chart!

  Cool New idea I heard about today at Popeye’s BodyBuilding Supplement store at Yonge & Bloor(south of Bloor, eas side several blocks down, you’ll see it…) It is called BioSignature Hormone testing…They squeeze the fat on various parts of … Continue reading

Theories of detox(from cancer)… ***Cool thing-(Free tiny versions of our Grove health science series books…┬áBy the way…) I feel dizzy while taking the bloodroot capsules? It’s the Manganese in bloodroot, it lowers Iron…Take too much & you get classical symptoms of Iron anemia…But … Continue reading