You are what you eat…& your tumour is too…

In Alberta you will find in the soil a bug named Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans… This bug likes to eat Iron & Sulphur…(when you read the word Sulphur think Sugar)… Which means that the people in Alberta are eating meat & dessert…(bear … Continue reading

How to see a lump in your breast…by Sari Grove

Take a picture with your camera set to Macro Flash on about 4 inches away…Too close & the flash will be too strong…Upload to…In Basics adjust Hue & Saturation…In Effects choose Heat Map…Then choose Color Rotate… Blue is lead-anatgonize … Continue reading

My research told me that Licorice root stops & reverses the spread aspect of cancer…

“Hi…In my studies I found that a benign tumour was calcium Oxalate(oxalate means iron)…A malignant tumour was Calcium Phosphate…So the main difference between benign & malignant was the Phosphorus…I knew that things with Copper destroy Phosphorus from my studies into … Continue reading


GrovebrainBodyChromosomes…The squiggly line starts at Zinc then goes to Lead then curves back to Manganese then on top Iron then curves around to Titanium then around to Aluminum…This is actually a slowly looping spiral like the ringlet on a young … Continue reading

GroveBrainBodyRepair Chart:Clogs Clots Scar Tissue & Weight gain or Loss…

The artery that leads AWAY from the Heart (artery away, vein towards), leads TO the KIDNEYS… If you eat GMO glutens that artery can become blocked… A shot of Olive oil with some Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning is … Continue reading

a tumour looks like this…Mb+1 Bi+2 Hg+3 & so on…

reSo antagonize it with first Bo-12 then F-11 then Mg-10 & so on… Why? because the outside of a tumour is a very thin translucent skin made of beans… As you go inside the tumour you get to harder & … Continue reading

Water + Copper level electricity = equals Hydrogen PerOxide …

Water + Copper level electricity = equals Hydrogen PerOxide … Water is H2 O… Two Hydrogen molecules or chromosomes and One Oxygen molecule or chromosome… Hydrogen is labelled H+6 on the GroveBodyPartChart… Oxygen is O-7… So Two Hydrogens & One … Continue reading

Iodoral left side female Minus element -8 …Adrenal Gland Pituitary right side temple cheekbones!

Iodoral left side female Minus element -8 …Adrenal Gland Pituitary right side temple cheekbones! Apple Cider Vinegar with Boron & Potassium capsules x 3 500 mg. comprised of 4 micrograms Boron Bo… cold brewed coffee with filtered water 1 … Continue reading

GroveBrainPartChart:Book 9!

  Treble Clef Female Bass Clef Male Gender= Skene’s Gland & Prostate Gland= Corpus Calossum female Minus Treble clef & Cerebral Aqueduct male Plus element Bass Clef= Boron Bo -12 & Mb Molybdenum +1   Start small with Zinc, then loop … Continue reading



Selenium Se-6     penicillin every 4 hours (means at night too)so if they say very 4 hours that includes the night so take every 4 hours & you have to wake up at night during the 12 hours(Duran Duran … Continue reading