Fashion, Cancer, Cysts, IBS-diarrhea, Dizzy with dark circles, Not Celiac, & weight loss…(chatting with the ladies today)! Designs by Naomi has been having a Clearance sale because they are moving from their Cumberland street location…I mention this because I bought the most AWESOME outfit to wear for my Mum’s birthday extravaganza in May…(I was shuddering in worry … Continue reading

Causes of simple mind problems & ballpark solution ideas…

So I was having some problems with taking the CBD Oil…(*getting rid of a DCIS breast lump)

So after about 2 weeks of taking the CBD oil (I got mine from who I wholeheartedly recommend), I stopped taking it…I may start again, but I need a break…(the strain I used was NON-psychoactive High Cannabidiol but very LOW … Continue reading

Green tea, Frankincense Essential Oil, Vitamin D3/Clove oil Salve…More anticancer ideas!

Green tea: Excellent source of Copper…Antagonizes Phosphorus…Lump chemistry changes from ‘with dark spots’ to ‘almost totally clear’ after several cups of good (loose leafs in the teapot)green tea…Conclusion: Green tea contains caffeine & since it works so well to clean … Continue reading

Do It Yourself Thermogram (a video by Sari Grove at

Continuing to track the effect of CBD oil(non-psychoactive), on a DCIS breast lump…

So this post is the continued tracking, of the effects of CBD oil, (from, on a DCIS breast lump…(DCIS is sometimes referred to as a pre-cancer stage)… The picture below is 10 days after the LAST picture in the … Continue reading

The Quad screen maternal test could be used as a marker for Cancer levels…

The Quad screen maternal test(usually a blood test, but I think urine can be used too though is not considered as accurate), measures 4 different things…Hence the word “Quad” for four… The four things the Quad screen measures are called: … Continue reading

On the edges of my mind…Anti-Cancer therapies to consider…or have considered already…

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy… It involves the principle of:You swallow a pill that is high in Oxygen…The pill travels to your tumour location…You lay in a machine bed & they pump light waves & sound waves at you as well as … Continue reading

The brain is competitive…The brain can generate new pathways…Exercise can help those new paths to form…(Ideas from Dr. Norman Doidge’s new book)! “The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity” is by Dr. Norman Doidge Ideas: The brain is competitive…The brain can generate new pathways…Exercise can help those new paths to form…(Ideas from Dr. Norman … Continue reading

What to do if you discover a totally wrong, false, just incorrect, bad, Clinical Trial?

You send them a letter by email to complain, correct & ask for a correction, an apology, & damages… Dalia Somjen… From: “Joseph & Sari Grove” <> To: Cc: Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 9:04 AM (less than … Continue reading